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After a cyber-bullying incident results in a brutal murder, the shocking violence stirs up memories of a killing spree from the past that has haunted some, intrigued others and maybe just inspired a new killer. A group of teens - with two old friends struggling to reconnect at its heart - become lovers, enemies, suspects, targets and victims of an assassin who's out for blood.
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Scream: SEASON 3, EPISODE 6: Endgame | TVBuzer

Aired: July 10,2019

GhostFace's deadly game draws to an end; which of the Deadfast Club survive it long enough to win?... more



Resurrection Review - Night Three Delivers Stunning Revelations

And that's a wrap on Scream: Resurrection! Scream Season 3 Episode 5 and Scream Season 3 Episode 6 brought this reboot to a close, and I wish it were a more memorable conclusion.  The revelation that Deion had been dead all along was excellent, but the execution of it left a lot to be desired.  In the end, I couldn't help but agree with the killer that Marcus had been living a lie, and could have come clean on a variety of occasions.  ... more

Resurrection Review - Night Two Brings More Kills, Fewer Thrills

The kills continued on Scream Season 3 Episode 3 and Scream Season 3 Episode 4, and it's becoming clear that the killer could legitimately be any of the characters.  I had a little too many theories about the man/woman behind the mask in my premiere review, and most of them were squashed during night two of this VH1 binge.  The creative forces behind the show have managed to craft an intriguing mystery that not only has me on the edge of my seat but also over analyzing just... more

Resurrection Review - Night One Packs a Killer Punch

If there's one takeaway from Scream Season 3 Episode 1 and Scream Season 3 Episode 2, it's that this new killer is just as creative as the ones from the movie series.  Having Paris Jackson in the opening scene dressed as Florence Nightingale was a big surprise, but having her character survive to be sassy another day, that was even more surprising.  That was the first instance it became apparent that this show was rewriting the rules. Given the long wait between seasons, ma... more



Scream: Jack Quaid Cast in 'Scream' Reboot (Exclusive) News | TVBuzer

Jack Quaid Cast in 'Scream' Reboot (Exclusive)

Jack Quaid has been cast in Paramount Pictures and Spyglass Media’s “Scream” reboot. In the relaunch of the slasher film, Courteney Cox and David Arquette are reprising their roles as news reporter Gale Weathers and sheriff Dewey Riley. It’s unclear who Quaid will play in the movie. “Ready or Not” filmmakers Matthew Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett are directing the new “Scream” from a script by James Vanderbilt and Guy Busick. The c... more

Scream: MTV Renews 'Scream' for Season 3 News | TVBuzer

MTV Renews 'Scream' for Season 3

Get ready for more Scream because MTV has renewed the horror series for a third season. But there's a catch: season 3 will only have six episodes. By contrast, season 1 had 10 episodes and season 2 had 12 episodes. Another change is that showrunners Michael Gans and Richard Register will not be returning; new showrunners haven't been announced yet. Gans and Register were only at the helm for season 2, as Jill Blotevogel and Jaime Paglia were the showrunners during the show'... more

Scream: [WATCH] 'Scream' Halloween Special Reveals New Murder Mystery News | TVBuzer

[WATCH] 'Scream' Halloween Special Reveals New Murder Mystery

Scream may have already concluded its sophomore season but the bloodshed is far from over. The remaining survivors of the Lakewood Six are about to face yet another threat in the two-hour Halloween special, which picks up after the events of the season 2 finale and aims to clear up questions that were left unanswered. In the trailer released by MTV, the Scream gang takes a trip to Shallow Grove Island, where they learn about the le... more




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