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Episode Summary: When Cyrus and David embark on a trip to Lisbon for the digital piracy summit, their plane is hacked, leaving their friends and colleagues on the ground little time to save them.
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Who Is the Real Threat in the White House?

With Olivia out of the White House, it seems she can't help but still care and get sucked back in. So, just as Scandal seemed to be wrapping up the series, it seems we still have some more twists and turns in the final few episodes. In "Air Force Two," the plane with Cyrus and David gets hijacked on its way to a digital piracy summit. While making tough decisions, Mellie doesn't know who she can trust. And Olivia pays a visit to her mother.Hijacked!Cyrus prepares for his... more

Air Force Two

Well, we didn't see any of that coming. Although, we probably should have.  On Scandal Season 7 Episode 13, Cyrus's plane was hijacked on the way to a digital piracy summit, putting the lives of everyone on board in danger. The plane lost all contact with ground ops making it harder for the White House to find a solution. As the plane spontaneously diverted back to D.C, Mellie realized the hijacking wasn't a kidnapping; it was an attack on the Republic.  Would they s... more



5 Reasons the 'Scandal' Series Finale Fell Flat

Scandal was a series that always had twists and turns and kept viewers on the edge of their seats. I joined the Scandal bandwagon in season 3 and I eagerly binge-watched every episode to catch up because it was that good. Season 7 of Scandal and the series finale fell sort of flat though. I am disappointed with how rushed the finale felt to wrap up everything, and then was left wanting a little bit more in the possible glimpse into the future. Here are five reasons I feel the more

Shonda Rhimes Explains Why the Big Death in the 'Scandal' Series Finale Was Necessary

The Scandal series finale wasn't the bloody affair it could've been. For the most part, Scandal ended on a happy note with the most hardened villains defeated and the heroes, or at least kind of heroes, getting their happily ever after. Yet the finale wasn't kind to everyone. David Rosen, who was the last true beacon of morality and justice on Scandal, was killed ... more

6 Ways 'Scandal' Should End

After seven seasons, Scandal is coming to an end. For a series with ups and downs, the final season found Olivia Pope bullying her friends and allies, spiraling out of control, losing her way and then climbing her way back to the top. Season 7 introduced an Olivia Pope no one ever saw before, and in "Standing in the Sun," our favorite gladiators, along with Fitz and Mellie, are left vulnerable when Olivia finally decides to do the right thing and reveal B613 to America. With one episode left, I'm left to wonder how exactly Scandal will end... more


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