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A subversive take on Archie and his friends, exploring small town life, the darkness and weirdness bubbling beneath Riverdale's wholesome facade.
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Riverdale First Look: Gina Gershon Is Looking Sharp as Jughead's Mom

We’re about to meet Jughead’s mom on Riverdale… and yeah, we wouldn’t mess with her, either. In TVLine’s exclusive first look at the Dec. 12 episode (The CW, 8/7c), Gina Gershon makes her debut as Gladys Jones, who ran off to Toledo with Jughead’s little sister Jellybean before the series began. In the episode, Archie and Jughead make a detour on their road trip to visit Gladys and Jellybean in Toledo… and based on the photo above, with Gladys casually wielding a switchblade, she might not b... more Comments

'Riverdale' Season 3 Casts Gina Gershon and Trinity Likins

When “Riverdale” returns for its third season this fall, the Jones family will be getting a little bigger. Gina Gershon has been cast as Gladys Jones, Jughead’s (Cole Sprouse) mother, while Trinity Likins will play Jellybean “JB” Jones, Jughead’s sister. Gladys is described as a businesswoman and a biker who runs a salvage yard that doubles as a Southside Serpent compound. A fellow Serpent — but an educated one, with a GED — she is able to com... more Comments

'Riverdale' Episode 2.20 Photos: Debate Night Shenanigans

It's debate night in Riverdale's mayoral race. The debate takes the spotlight off Midge's death and the investigation into who murdered her for just a moment. Meanwhile, Archie and Betty pursue their methods to uncover the Black Hood. And discord rises between various factions in town. The official episode description from the CW says, "As the town's mayoral race between Fred (Luke Perry) and Hermoine (Marisol Nichols) heats up, Hiram (Mark Consuelos) sets his sights on a new ally - Sheriff Minetta (guest star Henderson Wade). Betty... more Comments

Has 'Riverdale' Seen the Last of Betty's Brother?

Every Riverdale secret that could've come tumbling out did in "Chapter 32: Prisoners." Almost all the many stories of season 2 converged for one action-packed and revelatory story. Archie was kidnapped, Sheriff Keller was suspended and Veronica obtained blackmail money to the tune of $1 million. Yet the biggest surprise, and focal point of "Prisoners," was the many reveals concerning Betty and her family. As many fans suspected, Chic isn't Betty's brother. Instead Chic ... more Comments

Is Hal Really the Black Hood on 'Riverdale'?

Riverdale is no longer messing around in season 2. "Chapter 32: Prisoners" kicked things into high gear in the most insane way possible. The title of the episode wasn't just literal, as there were almost too many kidnappings to count, but the resurrected Black Hood mystery moved forward in an exciting way.  Realizing Chic wasn't her brother, Betty called in a favor to the Black Hood. The Black Hood obliged and attempted to murder Chic (we never saw the body.) This woul... more Comments

'Riverdale' Episode 2.19 Photos: Secrets Revealed with Deadly Consequences

In the aftermath of Midge's death during Riverside High's musical, the town attends her funeral. Archie sets out to find out if the Black Hood is still alive and responsible for Midge's murder. Meanwhile, the truth about Chic is uncovered and has serious consequences. Loyalties will be tested with some destroyed and other strengthened. The official episode description from the CW says, "After an incident at Riverdale High leaves the town on edge, Archie (KJ Apa) leads the charge to uncover the culprit. Meanwhile, the reveal of a devasta... more Comments

Kevin Keller's Huge 'Riverdale' Mistake Will Have Major Repercussions

All right, Kevin Keller, we have to ask -- what were you thinking? When it comes to Kevin's (Casey Cott) directorial abilities, he is second to none. His production of Carrie: The Musical was spot on ... right up until that brutal on-stage murder. Because when it comes to producing a musical in Riverdale, you not only need to be able to flawlessly handle your cast's interpersonal drama, you also need to be able to accurately assess a threat from the Black Hood. When it comes to the latter, poor Kevin failed miserably. For o... more Comments

Was the Black Hood Trying to Save Cheryl's Life on 'Riverdale'?

The Riverdale musical episode was eventful for more reasons than the cast randomly breaking into song. The installment also saw the return of the Black Hood as he claimed his first victim since "Miss Grundy." After escaping an attack from the Hood, Midge Klump was murdered on stage of Carrie: The Musical. Yet this was after several notes from the Black Hood threatening Kevin Keller to replace Cheryl Blossom as lead for Midge. Presumably the Black Hood didn't want Cheryl replac... more Comments

'Riverdale' Episode 2.18 Photos: 'Carrie the Musical' - Fright or Delight?

It's time for Riverdale High's musical, "Carrie the Musical," with Cheryl in the titular role. An unexpected situation threatens the musical, while troubles continue to follow the town's residents.  The official episode description from the CW says, "As Riverdale High begins rehearsals for its upcoming production of "Carrie the Musical," the arrival of an ominous letter forces director Kevin (Casey Cott) to make a difficult decision about the show. Jughead (Cole Sprouse) uses his cover as the musical's documentarian to solve th... more Comments

[WATCH] 'Riverdale' Musical Episode Sneak Peek: The Cast Performs 'Carrie: The Musical'

Riverdale is getting musical with season 2 episode 18, "Chapter 31: A Night to Remember," and you don't have to wait until it airs to see two of the songs as Riverdale High is bringing Carrie to the stage. Ahead of the episode, two musical numbers, "In" and "A Night We'll Never Forget," have been released. According to the CW's description of the episode, Cheryl proves she's worthy of the starring r... more Comments

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