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Episode Summary: Determined to flaunt her new fortune in Victoria's face, Natalie throws a giant Fourth of July bash and invites David to be her date. Meanwhile, Margaux steps up her plans to take down anyone who stands in her way.
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There Will Be Blood

What's that saying about a woman scorned again? Most of Revenge Season 4 Episode 16 was spent waiting for the good stuff to get here. And then the good stuff got here and basically my mind is blown by how EVIL Margaux LeMarchal has become. This woman is out for blood, and it's actually shocking she hasn't gone to that length yet. Revenge Photos From "Retaliation" Start Gallery After Emily Thorne's cocky office vis... more

Three Takedowns, Two Arrests and One Death

Margaux is one cold-hearted Emily-wannabe in her quest for revenge in "Retaliation." At the end of the previous Revenge episode, she threatened Ben's weak spot, and at the end of this one, she goes after Emily's.Happy Fourth of July! What better way to celebrate than with the annual party, a few takedowns, a couple of arrests and an accidental death? No, really, how else would Revenge celebrate the holiday? However, there are some people who are well-suited for the business of revenge and lies a... more



The Resident Hosts Revenge Reunion During Timely Outbreak-Themed Episode - Watch a Sneak Peek

Who knew Chastain Park Memorial was really located in the Hamptons? Tonight’s episode of The Resident (Fox, 8/7c) will stage a mini-Revenge reunion, as guest star Connor Paolo — who played Declan Porter on the ABC drama — shares the screen with Emily VanCamp once again. In our exclusive sneak peek at the hour, titled “Support System,” Paolo portrays Isaac, a volunteer with a loc... more

"Revenge" Sequel Eyed at ABC

ABC is not done with Revenge after all.  Deadline is reporting that the broadcast network is developing a reboot of the hit 2011-15 TV series.  This new take comes from the original series creator and Executive Producer Mike Kelley, and writer-producer Joe Fazzio.  Both Kelley and Fazzio pen the pilot. It features the story of a young Latinx immigrant who arrives in Malibu to dole out some revenge  on a "Sackler-Esque pharmaceutical dynasty, whose insatiable greed lead to the murder of her biochemist mother, the ... more

'Limitless' Recap: Brian Wrestles with Telling Rebecca the Truth About Her Dad

Basing any television show on a popular movie can be a creative challenge, but unlike Minority Report, Limitless has so far managed to walk the fine creative line between respecting the source material and making its own independent storylines. Sure, it's still rough sledding at times, but episode five finds the show finally hitting a groove. It's not exactly Emmy material yet, but there are a lot fewer reasons to scream at the television in frustration. This episode is entitled "Personality Crisis," and it's written by&nbs... more


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