• Rel Season 1 Episode 12: Cleveland | TVBuzer
    Episode 12
    Rel takes a trip to Cleveland after hearing his daughter got into some trouble at school. Meanwhile in Chicago, Brittany helps Nat with some...
  • Rel Season 1 Episode 11: Mom | TVBuzer
    Episode 11
    In an attempt to make peace with his mother's death, Rel sees a therapist. Meanwhile, Dad tries to honor her passing by "celebrating," but h...
  • Rel Season 1 Episode 10: Hate & Hip Hop | TVBuzer
    Hate & Hip Hop
    Episode 10
    One of Rel's patients is prejudiced and Rel is conflicted on how to behave as his attending nurse. Meanwhile, Brittany, Nat and Dad hang out...
  • Rel Season 1 Episode 9: Brittany's Mom | TVBuzer
    Brittany's estranged mom shows up unexpectedly in hopes of being reunited with her daughter. Rel convinces Brittany to give her a second cha...
  • Rel Season 1 Episode 8: Blizzard | TVBuzer
    Episode 8
    Rel meets a new friend when he gets stuck at the hospital in the midst of a blizzard. Across town, Brittany and Nat get snowed in at a bar, ...
  • Rel Season 1 Episode 7: Re-Enter the Dragons | TVBuzer
    One of Dad's old friends and bandmates turns up as a patient at Rel's hospital. When Rel finds out their friendship ended on bad terms, Rel,...
  • Rel Season 1 Episode 6: Windy City Politics | TVBuzer
    Nat lands himself a job and gets the second chance he's been hoping for since doing his time in prison. His excitement comes to a halt when ...
  • Rel Season 1 Episode 5: Halloween | TVBuzer
    Episode 5
    Rel, Nat, Brittany and Dad get together to watch a scary zombie movie around Halloween night. The film, titled "Frederick Douglass: Zombie S...
  • Rel Season 1 Episode 4: One Night Stand | TVBuzer
    Just when Rel thinks he can't possibly move on from his ex-wife, he gets hit with a pleasant surprise. But after getting in way over his hea...
  • Rel Season 1 Episode 3: Kids First Visit | TVBuzer
    Rel's kids come to visit for the first time since the split, and he wants to make sure they have an amazing trip. He, Dad, Nat and Jess brin...
  • Rel Season 1 Episode 2: Laundry Room | TVBuzer
    Laundry Room
    Episode 2
    Rel finds the motivation to get off the couch and invites his Dad, Brittany and Nat to brunch. But his big plans are placed on hold when all...
  • Rel Season 1 Episode 1: Pilot | TVBuzer
    Episode 1
    A newly single father attempts to make a new start in life on the West Side of Chicago with the assistance of his best friend, younger broth...