Proven Innocent

Aired: Apr 12, 2019 , Friday at 21:00 on FOX


Episode Summary: When the Injustice Defense Group is approached to exonerate a former frat boy, Daniel Hernandez, who is charged with rape and murder, a turn in Davon Watkins' case forces Madeline to head back to Ohio, leaving Easy and Bodie to solve this case alone before Easy's mentor, Judge Fry. Meanwhile, Bellows struggles with the values of his campaign, Levi follows up more
... with a high school classmate to find out more about Rosemary's past and Wren is up for parole.
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Acceptable Losses

I didn't think the Proven Innocent team would ever lose a case. But they did, and Proven Innocent Season 1 Episode 9 turned out to be the most heartbreaking story the show has given us yet. The only question is which was sadder: Devon's unfair execution or Easy's realization that his old mentor had dementia. The Judge Fry subplot was one of my favorites on any show, ever. Memory loss and dementia have been done to death on TV, but this was one of the most re... more



Ratings: Proven Innocent Opens Low

Leading out of back-to-back episodes of Last Man Standing aka Friday’s consistently top-rated program, Fox’s Proven Innocent premiered to just 3.1 million total viewers and a 0.5 rating. Succeeding Hell’s Kitchen, that marks a demo low for that Fox time slot this TV season, and I have to reckon it’s the network’s lowest rated drama launch in a while — and that’s including (blast from the past alert!) Second Chance‘s Friday debut (which scored a 0.7).&n... more


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