Proven Innocent

Aired: Apr 05, 2019 , Friday at 21:00 on FOX

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Episode Summary: The team tries to exonerate Cindy Whitman, a transwoman who is wrongfully convicted of murdering her fellow trans-friend and activist, Vanessa. Meanwhile, Violet has guest star NPR's Ira Glass on her podcast, and Bellow's latest campaign manager finds new evidence in the Rosemary's murder case. Inspired by the cast, Madeline embraces a part of her identity s more
...he once hid from her family.
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The Struggle for Stonewall

I was excited when I heard that Proven Innocent was going to have a story involving a transgender client. I'm transgender, and it thrills me whenever there's any representation of my community at all. And Proven Innocent Season 1 Episode 8 definitely did not disappoint! In some ways, this story was like any other case on this show, but in others it was different, and I loved that. There's always a danger with these sorts of stories that they'll become overly preachy. more



Ratings: Proven Innocent Opens Low

Leading out of back-to-back episodes of Last Man Standing aka Friday’s consistently top-rated program, Fox’s Proven Innocent premiered to just 3.1 million total viewers and a 0.5 rating. Succeeding Hell’s Kitchen, that marks a demo low for that Fox time slot this TV season, and I have to reckon it’s the network’s lowest rated drama launch in a while — and that’s including (blast from the past alert!) Second Chance‘s Friday debut (which scored a 0.7).&n... more


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