Prison Break

Aired: Mar 04, 2017 , Tuesday at 21:00 on FOX


Episode Summary: In this 30-minute special, join the cast and creators of PRISON BREAK as they take us behind-the-scenes of what promises to be their biggest escape yet.
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'Prison Break' Interview: Wentworth Miller Says 'Michael Has Been Walking a Very Dark Road'

Sure, Michael was apparently dead, but the revival of Prison Break is going to change that. But can he be reunited with his family? And, as Wentworth Miller put it, when he does, "will he be recognizable?" Watch the video interview with Wentworth Miller: [YouTube=kRUwuWBgL3U] Here are a few highlights:   He compared playing Michael again to riding a bike. He didn'... more

'Prison Break' Interview: Dominic Purcell Says Lincoln 'Can't Keep out of Trouble'

Prison Break is returning to FOX, and while some things will have changed since these characters were last seen, Dominic Purcell previewed that Lincoln still "can't keep out of trouble." Watch the video interview with Dominic Purcell: [YouTube=C8lrRZgsSH4] Here are a few highlights:   Lincoln has been up to "a lot of trouble" since the last time. "Lincoln's tha... more

'Prison Break' Interview: Sarah Wayne Callies on Sara's Grief, Husband and Dynamic with Lincoln

The past seven years haven't been easy for Sara, Sarah Wayne Callies previewed of her character in the Prison Break revival. And as fans of the original series can figure out, things aren't going to be easy in these new episodes either. Watch the video interview with Sarah Wayne Callies: [YouTube=jMaZRnRHI5E] Here are a few highlights:   "It was an interesting process," she said of getting back into character. She rewatche... more


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