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Four friends band together against an anonymous follower who threatens to reveal their darkest secrets, while unraveling the mystery of the murder of their best friend.
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Pretty Little Liars LATEST EPISODE | TVBuzer

LATEST EPISODE: Special: A-List Wrap Party

Pretty Little Liars: Special: A-List Wrap Party | TVBuzer

Aired: June 27,2017

Troian Bellisario, Ashley Benson, Lucy Hale, Shay Mitchell, Sasha Pieterse and executive producer I. Marlene King sit down for an unbarred tell-all aftershow to discuss the series' tightly-held secrets, behind-the-scenes insights and top moments.... more

Pretty Little Liars LATEST REVIEWS | TVBuzer


Til deAth do us pArt

The Pretty Little Liars series finale not only did justice to the show but also left the door open for more deception and mystery. Watching Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 20 was memorable for me because it felt great to finally get some answers. Learning the prevailing twin theory was true was icing on the cake. Spencer having a twin was satisfying, if only because there are hints of it stretching as far as the early episodes of this season. Hanna imagining Spencer in P... more

Series Finale A.D.'s Identity is Finally Revealed

In the series finale of Pretty Little Liars, we discover the true identity of A.D., and it both makes perfect sense and no sense at all. So, basically, Pretty Little Liars is Pretty Little Liars right to the end -- a show where birds sing clues and snakes are thwarted by mannequin legs, and teen girls pilot airplanes with masks of their faces over their own faces. On Pretty Little Liars, things make perfect sense and no sense at all simultaneously almost all of the time.... more

Charlotte's Killer is Revealed

Who killed Charlotte? The answer is finally revealed in the penultimate episode of Pretty Little Liars, which also features Aria talking to the dead body in her trunk, Spencer and Caleb entering an underground tunnel via a pie restaurant and a literal gas leak to explain stray plot points. If the best and worst of seven seasons of Pretty Little Liars could be distilled down into one episode, that episode would probably look a lot like "Farewell My Lovely."This episode is the ... more



Pretty Little Liars: 'Pretty Little Liars' Reboot in the Works From 'Riverdale' Boss (Exclusive) News | TVBuzer

'Pretty Little Liars' Reboot in the Works From 'Riverdale' Boss (Exclusive)

Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa is behind the new take on the former Freeform hit. Three years after Pretty Little Liars wrapped its seven-season run and a year after its second spinoff was canceled, Warner Bros. TV is ready to revive the legacy franchise. Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that Riverdale showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa is s... more

Pretty Little Liars: 'Silence of the Lambs' Sequel Series Is Officially a Go at CBS News | TVBuzer

'Silence of the Lambs' Sequel Series Is Officially a Go at CBS

Fans of Silence of the Lambs are going to be well fed this TV season. CBS has officially picked up Clarice, a sequel series to the 1991 film. The show is currently set to debut during the 2020-2021 TV season. The new series stars Rebecca Breeds (The Originals, Pretty Little Liars) as Clarice Starling, famously portraye... more

Pretty Little Liars: Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists Cancelled at Freeform After 1 Season News | TVBuzer

Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists Cancelled at Freeform After 1 Season

Freeform is cutting Alison and Mona’s sleuthing days short, cancelling Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists after just one season, TVLine has learned. A spinoff of the immensely popular Pretty Little Liars — which ran from 2010 to 2017, ushering ABC Family into the Freeform era — The Perfectionists relocated fan favorites Alison (Sasha Pieterse... more


Pretty Little Liars FAN COMMENTS (6)

  • Level 13
    So sexy


  • Level 13
    So sexy!


  • Level 1
    Love Pretty Little Lairs but think its strange that the don't wonder who is this 'A' Ali is afraid of and which one f the Liars has been touched by 'A' is Guess Mona is start f knowing who it is! P.s I'm Really sure its Ezra who's 'A' every thing point to him ever since the texts Started but there could be a Girl helping him out since the texts sound like a she wrote them must of the time and there was more than one, I Sure Ali was Helping them because she knew A had it out for her and was obsessed with her she must of betrayed A or something or she is working with 'A' and pretending to be inset to get back at the girls for something or just A is working with Cece together or A working on their own? Those are my option until I see the rest on Tv Ps maybe a parent is involved who Knows cant wait to see hope one of my theories are Right ??? :)


  • Level 1
    love it

    talks ab 4 girls who r hunted by A. @ 1st they think it is Allison (a girl that was murdured before the show began) but.....


  • Level 92
    I agree!


  • Level 1
    love this show :)


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