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Powers follows the lives of two homicide detectives, Christian Walker and Deena Pilgrim, who are assigned to investigate cases involving people with superhuman abilities, referred to as “Powers.” Set amidst today’s paparazzi culture, Powers asks the questions, what if the world was full of superheroes who aren’t actually heroic at all? What if all that power was just one more e more
...xcuse for mischief, mayhem, murder, and endorsement deals? Enter the men and women of the Powers Division, the brave people in charge of protecting humans like us and keeping the peace over commercialized, god-like men and women who glide through the sky imposing their power over the mortals who both worship and fear them.
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Powers (2014): SEASON 2, EPISODE 10: Legacy | TVBuzer

Aired: July 19,2016

Powers Division tries to contain SuperShock by using "Ghost" as bait, but it goes horribly wrong. Walker discovers that Retro Girl withheld pivotal information from him, forcing him to decide whether or not he's ready to be a hero even if he's no longer a Power.... more

Powers (2014) LATEST REVIEWS | TVBuzer


F@#K the Big Chiller

Christian and the others emerge from The Shaft to find widespread devastation in the wake of Wolfe's escape. As Cross calls it in, Triphammer calls for a full lockdown. Retro Girl arrives and they explain that Wolfe is no longer interested in eating people because he can absorb the powers of the 100+ Kids who took Sway. Christian says that if he gets close enough to Wolfe then he can absorb his powers, but the others point out that they couldn't trust him. Retro Girl asks for other opti... more

Level 13

Christian and Johnny go to Wolfe's cell, and Christian looks in and sees Wolfe restrained on the floor under the Drainer. Johnny tells Christian to kill Wolfe so he can get his powers back, and he'll get them both out. Earlier At a bar, Christian tells Deena that he blames himself for everyone who died, and figures that it's ego on his part. He's finally accepted that Wolfe is the one responsible for all of the dead bodies, and tells his partner that he's going to help Johnny kill... more

Aha Shake Heartbreak

The Past A young Christian takes Johnny to an empty penthouse that he's moved into, but his friend isn't impressed. Christian wonders how long Johnny is going to stay pissed at him, and Johnny jokingly says that he isn't. They check out the view from balcony and Christian suggests that Johnny move in with him. Johnny refuses, saying that he isn't Christian's charity case, and says that he isn't sure if he even wants all of the glory of being a Power anymore. Christian ge... more



Powers (2014): 'Powers' Interview: Olesya Rulin on Becoming the New Retro Girl News | TVBuzer

'Powers' Interview: Olesya Rulin on Becoming the New Retro Girl

Last season on Powers, Retro Girl (Michelle Forbes) was killed and the question of who killed her will guide season 2 of of the Playstation series. While that mystery remains, the new Retro Girl has been revealed to be Calista (Olesya Rulin). She has the difficult challenge of getting a handle on her new powers, while living up to the legacy of her predecessor. ... more

Powers (2014): Powers to be be shown on Spike in the UK News | TVBuzer

Powers to be be shown on Spike in the UK

From the team who produced The Walking Dead comes Powers an edgy police crime drama starring Eddie Izzard which turns the concept of superheroes on their head and asks: what if the world was full of superheroes who aren’t heroic at all? Powers follows the lives of two homicide detectives, Christian Walker played by Sharlto Copley (District 9, Maleficent) and Deena Pilgrim played by Susan Heyward (666 Park Avenue, 30 Rock). The ensemble cast includes Emmy® Award winning British actor and com... more

Powers (2014): 'Powers' - The Season One Review News | TVBuzer

'Powers' - The Season One Review

So the last episode of Season 1 aired last night, and 'Powers' has (temporarily?) come to an end. So how was it? For those just coming in, 'Powers' is based on a comic book series and features a world where supertypes ("Powers") are relatively commonplace. Christian Walker (Shalto Copley) is a former Power, Diamond, who lost his Powers after a b... more


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