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In a world where humanity must cope with the collateral damage of Super Heroes and Super-Villains, Emily Locke begins her first day as Director of Research & Development for Wayne Security, a subsidiary of Wayne Enterprises that specializes in products that make defenseless bystanders feel a little safer. Full of confidence and big ideas, Emily quickly learns that her expec more
...tations far exceed those of her new boss and officemates, so it will be up to her to lead the team toward their full potential and the realization that you don’t need superpowers to be a hero.
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Powerless: SEASON 1, EPISODE 12: No Consequence Day | TVBuzer

Aired: September 24,2017

In the wake of Lois Lane's death, Ron tells the team about a theory where Superman will rewind time to save her and there would be no consequences. Just when everyone starts to take advantage - Ron becomes a dog owner, Emily and Wendy get in trouble with the law, Jackie takes up day drinking, Teddy makes a power move and Van gives Bruce a piece of ... more

Powerless LATEST REVIEWS | TVBuzer


I'ma Friend You

The mystery is half the fun on an adventure, as long as it doesn't involve a used toilet.  Van and Emily both have to figure out what to do after they are lied to, specifically by the people they are close to, although the way they go about it is different because Van has no idea what being chill means. On Powerless Season 1 Episode 6, Emily finds out that Jackie needs some extra cash but when she tries to help it turns out that she wasn't as honest on the first try. Meanwhil... more

Wayne Dream Team

Things aren't as boring in the office as one would think, especially when there's no internet to distract yourself with. Trying to be both a boss and a friend never ends well because there's always something that prevents that from actually working out. On Powerless Season 1 Episode 2, Emily learns the hard way that she can't both motivate her team to work and be their friend once the work day is done. Van also learns a lesson about memes and how quickly they can spread. ... more

Emily Dates a Henchman

Dating creates chaos, especially in a superhero scattered city where Tinder profiles probably don't reveal who is or isn't a henchman.  But can there be an exception for guys who watch Gilmore Girls and play a human/zombie on iZombie?  On Powerless Season 1 Episode 4, Emily pushes herself to get back out into the dating world after her ex-boyfriend announces his engagement. Meanwhile, Teddy, Ron, and Van try to meet Batman with one of them trying maybe a little too har... more



Powerless: [VIDEO] Watch the Series Finale of 'Powerless' with Guest Star Adam West News | TVBuzer

[VIDEO] Watch the Series Finale of 'Powerless' with Guest Star Adam West

DC is honoring the late Adam West by finally revealing one of the legendary actor's final roles. West, best known for playing Batman on the '60s TV series, guest starred on the NBC sitcom Powerless, a comical look at ordinary people living in a world of superheroes. NBC cancelled Powerless after just nine episodes, leaving three unaired episodes left. One of them, the last episode of the series, featured West pla... more

Powerless: NBC Sets 2017 Premiere Dates for 'Blacklist' Spin-Off, 'Chicago Justice' and More News | TVBuzer

NBC Sets 2017 Premiere Dates for 'Blacklist' Spin-Off, 'Chicago Justice' and More

NBC is heading into 2017 with a large slate of new mid-season shows, including two spin-offs and a trio of new comedies. With strong lead-ins from The Voice and the second season of Little Big Shots, the network is doing everything it can to help its new shows succeed on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. On Tuesday, March 7, the new John Lithgow comedy ... more

Powerless: NBC's Fall 2016 Schedule: Thursday Comedies, 'Timeless' After 'The Voice' News | TVBuzer

NBC's Fall 2016 Schedule: Thursday Comedies, 'Timeless' After 'The Voice'

NBC has revealed its schedule for Fall 2016 and it includes the return of comedies to Thursday nights, moves for Blindspot and The Blacklist and three consecutive nights of Chicago dramas. Blindspot is taking the same trajectory as more


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