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The journey of some of Power's most controversial characters.
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Power Book II: Ghost: SEASON 1, EPISODE 10: Heart of Darkness | TVBuzer

Aired: January 03,2021

Tariq will do whatever it takes to clear his mother. But knowing he's not in the clear with Monet, Tariq's backed against the wall trying to keep his promise to get Tasha out of prison.... more

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Ghost Season 1 Episode 9 Review

Is Tariq St. Patrick a monster? On the surface, the answer seems obvious. He’s done a lot of terrible things over the year, from lying and stealing from the people who love him. Oh, and he murdered his father. But does that make him a monster? Power Book II: Ghost Season 1 Episode 9 was all about diving a little bit deeper into who Tariq is, and it set the stage for what is sure to be an epic finale. Tariq has often struggled with what kind of man he wants t... more

Ghost Season 1 Episode 8 Review

Was this the best episode of the series so far? Yes, yes, it was. Power Book II: Ghost Season 1 Episode 8 was everything you want in a soapy drama. There was miscommunication, intrigue, sex, and danger. Every single character was put under the microscope, and it looks like with only two episodes to go, the power dynamics are shifting. 2-Bit’s return completely threw Tariq for a loop, and as much as he wanted to stay clear of Effie, who was back trying to get... more

Ghost Season 1 Episode 7 Review

Things are about to hit the fan. As we creep ever closer to the first season finale, Tariq finds himself pulled in a million different directions. With his loyalties and responsibilities spread all over the place, he's doing his best to keep himself protected. But at what cost? Power Book II: Ghost Season 1 Episode 7 set the stage for several showdowns, but the tentative Tariq and Tejada partnership is the most intriguing. When the season began, it didn't seem... more



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