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Episode Summary: Ross warns the Padres that Ginny is dangerously close to her pitching limit, but management is reluctant to end her season. Meanwhile, Amelia confronts Will about money that has gone missing from the restaurant fund.
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Season 1 Finale Will Ginny Pitch a No-Hitter?

Everything comes to a head during the Pitch season 1 finale, "Don't Say It." Mike and Ginny have to navigate their friendship after their almost-kiss, Blip gets into a fight with both Mike and Evelyn, and Ginny fights with both Will and Amelia. It's a mess. On top of all this, Ginny starts pitching a no-hitter. But will Oscar's warnings that she's overdoing it come true?Will Ginny Pitch a No-Hitter?"Don't Say It" begins with Ginny pitching a no-hitter. Everyone's so tense and superstit... more



Is 'Pitch' Worthy of Being Saved After Cancellation?

Fans of FOX's  Pitch were saddened on Monday evening when the show was canceled after just one season. Thanks to low ratings, cancellation was always a possibility for the critically acclaimed show, but the news still came as a blow to those who loved the baseball-themed story. As is always the case these days, some of those fans called for another network to pick up Pitch for another season. The question therefore is, shoul... more

'Pitch' Canceled -- Kylie Bunbury Reacts to the News

FOX has canceled freshman series Pitch after only one (short) season. Only 10 episodes of the baseball drama aired in the fall of 2016. Showrunner Kevin Fall broke the news on Twitter. The series centered on Ginny Baker, the very first woman to play in Major League Baseball. Along the way, she had to deal with the media attention and try to prove her worth to her own teammates. Co-creator Dan Fogelman, who also created NBC's more

Will 'Pitch' and 'The Exorcist' Be Renewed?

If you're a fan of Pitch or The Exorcist and want to see them be renewed for a second season, you're going to have to wait a lot longer to find out an answer to that. FOX chairman Gary Newman gave a Pitch update at the Television Critics Association winter press tour and revealed that no renewal or cancellation announcements will be made until May. "W... more


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