Party of Five

Aired: Jan 15, 2020 , Wednesday at 21:00 on Freeform

New Series

Episode Summary: Emilio discovers that his father was being taken advantage of by the owner of a restaurant across the street and tries to make a decision himself. Beto lives with the frustration over Emilio's new relationship, while Lucia attempts to help her new friend Matthew get a job, learning in the process that he hasn't renewed his DACA status.
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Long Distance RECAP and REVIEWS (1)

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  • Long Distance

    Long Distance

    The Acosta siblings are gradually finding a new normal, but it remains a bumpy road.

    Each of then has to adapt to new roles they're playing, and on Party of Five Season 1 Episode 3, it led to some of them bumping heads, namely the Acosta men.

    Emilio was at odds with both his father and Beto, and that isn't including his newfound tension with a family friend, Uncle Louie.

    Emilio is under extreme pressure and stress as a young man who thrust into parenthood of four kids and as a business owner. He is bound and already has made mistakes in both areas. It's a learning curve, and the process will never be a smooth one.

    He has made strides in accepting his new position as a business owner running the restaurant to the best of his abilities.

    However, Javier, despite being miles away, is hindering his son from taking full control of the reins.

    Whatever mistakes you made, they were yours to make, but ...



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