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Outsiders: SEASON 2, EPISODE 13: Unbroken Chain | TVBuzer

Aired: April 25,2017

In the season finale, no one is safe from the wrath of the mountain.... more

Outsiders LATEST REVIEWS | TVBuzer


Faux Hawk

That was a disjointed.  Titans Season 2 Episode 12 was another installment that threw a bunch of plots at viewers to see which would stick.  Dick's journey since Titans Season 1 Episode 1 has been about confronting the sins of the past and moving on with his life.  "Faux Hawk" shed light on his psyche following the dismantling of the Titans. He's back, and ready to take down Deathstroke once and for all.  It had to come together somehow, and it ... more


Sometimes Titans has excellent storylines, but the execution is too silly to take seriously.  Titans Season 2 Episode 11 was one of those times.  We had every single character aside from Hank and Conner, and there was too much going on for us to take much of it in.  Brenton Thwaites delivered another stunning performance as Dick, the man who is having the world's most prolonged identity crisis.  The way he morphed into Nightwing left much to be ... more


Where do we go from here? Titans Season 2 Episode 10 was a difficult installment to watch, mostly because the characters were apart and following their own path.  Dick was very much in prison, and nobody knew where he was. His personality changed throughout his ordeal, mostly because he was under the impression initially that it was the best place for him.  As a leader, he made some terrible decisions and kept things from the team. Now that Deaths... more



Outsiders: WGN America renews Outsiders for a second season News | TVBuzer

WGN America renews Outsiders for a second season

WGN America has renewed Outsiders for a second season. The show follows the Farrell clan, a family of outsiders who have been living in the hills of Appalachia for as long as anybody can remember. The live off the grid in their mountaintop homestead and they are determined to protect their world and defend their way of life using whatever means they can. The current season can be seen on Tuesday evenings at 9pm. more

Outsiders: Vixen is Coming to 'Arrow': 5 More DC Characters We'd Like to See News | TVBuzer

Vixen is Coming to 'Arrow': 5 More DC Characters We'd Like to See

After a successful cartoon on The CW Seed, Vixen is making her way to  Arrow. TV Insider reports that Vixen will make her live-action debut episode on Arrow in episode 15 of season 4. While Vixen's debut is a little ways off, it got us thinking. The CW is rapidly expanding its cast of characters on its DC TV universe and maybe Vixen shouldn't be the only character we meet from the long history of DC comics. Then there is th... more

Outsiders: 'Wayward Pines' Review: An Edgy, Surreal and Terrifying Psychological Thriller News | TVBuzer

'Wayward Pines' Review: An Edgy, Surreal and Terrifying Psychological Thriller

What happens when supernatural screenwriter and director, M. Night Shyamalan ( The Sixth Sense, Signs), collaborates with Blake Crouch, the horror novelist and creator of the critically acclaimed Pines trilogy? You get FOX's  Wayward Pines, a psychological thriller about a mentally unstable secret service agent who finds himself trapped in bizarro-land where all kinds of scary, unimaginable circumstances lead him to question his own sanity and stage a seemingly futil... more


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