Aired: Feb 06, 2020 , Thursday at 20:30 on FOX

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Episode Summary: Mike's parents, Jay and Sylvia, visit from Florida. Mike's insecurities come out when Jay zones in on his parenting style, and Kay becomes jealous of Sylvia's growing bond with Nicole.
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Outmatched Season 1 Finale Recap: Did Anyone See That Twist Coming?

It’s a funny thing — as I was doing the top edit on this Thursday’s What to Watch list, I found myself wondering, “Would Fox’s Outmatched attempt any sort of season finale  twist/cliffhanger?'” And dagnabbit, the freshman sitcom went and did. The season-ending half-hour revolved in part around Leila’s imminent birthday and what her chosen theme would be. Mike, angling to connect with his youngest, lobbied for a pro wrestling the... more

American Pie Cast Reunites on Fox's Outmatched - Watch Sneak Peek

Hide your flutes and lock up your friends’ moms, because Alyson Hannigan and Eddie Kaye Thomas are coming over for a visit. The American Pie stars reunite with former co-star Jason Biggs on Thursday’s episode of Outmatched (Fox, 8:30/7:30c), and TVLine has an exclusive first look at their, ahem, America... more

Jason Biggs Faces American Pie-Level Sex Crisis in Outmatched Sneak Peek

We’ve never fully understood the circle of life until this very moment. Remember when Eugene Levy’s character walked in on Jason Biggs‘ character making sweet love to a delicious pastry in 1999’s American Pie, resulting in one of pop culture’s most iconic (and uncomfortable) father-son sex talks? Two decades later, it’s now Biggs’ turn to speak with his own on-screen teen about the birds and the bees. And as you’ll see i... more


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