• Outlander Season 2 Episode 13: Dragonfly in Amber | TVBuzer
    In the present, Claire reveals the truth to her daughter, Brianna; in the 18th century, Jamie does everything he can to save his loved ones ...
  • Outlander Season 2 Episode 12: The Hail Mary | TVBuzer
    The Hail Mary
    Episode 12
    Jamie works to divert the Jacobite army away from imminent slaughter; Claire tries to provide comfort to a sick Alex Randall; Alex shares an...
  • Outlander Season 2 Episode 11: Vengeance Is Mine | TVBuzer
    Claire and the Highlanders make their way north after the Jacobite leaders decide to stop their march on London. Jamie is included in the gr...
  • Outlander Season 2 Episode 10: Prestonpans | TVBuzer
    Episode 10
    Jamie uses Claire's knowledge of the future to lead the Jacobite army into battle against the British, while Claire tends to the wounded, a ...
  • Outlander Season 2 Episode 9: Je Suis Prest | TVBuzer
    Je Suis Prest
    Episode 9
    Claire and Jamie reunite with the Lallybroch and MacKenzie men during training; Jamie and Claire wage personal battles; an Englishman arrive...
  • Outlander Season 2 Episode 8: The Fox's Lair | TVBuzer
    Claire and Jamie attempt to elicit support from Jamie's grandsire, Lord Lovat; Colum MacKenzie arrives with plans of his own; Lord Lovat mak...
  • Outlander Season 2 Episode 7: Faith | TVBuzer
    Episode 7
    Doctors at L'Hopital des Anges attempt to save the lives of Claire and her unborn baby; King Louis asks Claire to judge two men accused of e...
  • Outlander Season 2 Episode 6: Best Laid Schemes... | TVBuzer
    Jamie and Claire use Claire's medical knowledge to come up with a scheme to stop a deal which could fill the war chest; Claire learns Jamie ...
  • Outlander Season 2 Episode 5: Untimely Resurrection | TVBuzer
    Claire and Jamie reunite and attempt to extinguish fires until Claire makes an unexpected change of course; Jamie and Claire's relationship ...
  • Outlander Season 2 Episode 4: La Dame Blanche | TVBuzer
    Claire and Jamie throw an elaborate dinner party intended to derail investors in Prince Charles' war effort....
  • Outlander Season 2 Episode 3: Useful Occupations and Deceptions | TVBuzer
    Jamie's time is dominated by political machinations, while Claire finds solace in her healing skills....
  • Outlander Season 2 Episode 2: Not in Scotland Anymore | TVBuzer
    Life in Paris is not without trials as Jamie struggles to triumph over his past. A fortunate meeting with Prince Charles presents opportunit...
  • Outlander Season 2 Episode 1: Through a Glass, Darkly | TVBuzer
    Returning to her own time, Claire must reconcile her future with the life she left behind. Shifting back to the 18th century, Jamie, Claire ...