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The true-ish adventures of Trump's confidants and bon vivants — family, top associates, heads of government, golf pros and anyone else straying into his orbit — intrepidly exploring their histories and their psyches, revealing insights into what makes them so definitively Trumpian. It's a workplace comedy where the office happens to be oval; it's a character study in search of more
...character, as seen through the eyes of an imaginary documentary crew.
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Our Cartoon President Episode Guide | TVBuzer

Our Cartoon President Episode Guide


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AIRED ON November 08,2020

Season 3: Episode 18


  • Season 3
    • CURRENT EPISODE AIRED 11/08/20 AT 08:30 PM ON Showtime

      Our Cartoon President Season 3 Episode 18: Election Day | TVBuzer
      Election Day
      Episode 18
      It's Election Day and everyone - candidates, supporters, news media, even Cartoon Vladimir Putin - is gearing up to find out who will be the...
    • 11/01/20
      With his popularity dangerously low, Cartoon Trump must do the unthinkable and campaign one-on-one with average Americans. Meanwhile, Cartoo...
    • Senate Control
      Episode 16
      Cartoon Chuck Schumer and Cartoon Nancy Pelosi try to avoid the responsibilities of governing by sabotaging their own party's electoral chan...
    • 10/18/20
      With a restless nation turning against him, Cartoon Trump declares war on the invisible enemy COVID-19 and exploits the benefits of a wartim...
    • 10/11/20
      After Cartoon Joe Biden delivers a string of problematic speeches, Cartoon Chuck Schumer and Cartoon Nancy Pelosi trap him on an Amtrak trai...
    • 10/04/20
      After Cartoon Joe Biden's record comes under scrutiny, Cartoon Kamala Harris must publicly forgive him for his problematic past, even if it ...
    • Debate Prep
      Episode 12
      With the first Presidential debate looming, Cartoon Trump must learn to behave like a civilized human being with the help of Cartoon Kellyan...
    • Party Unity
      Episode 11
      Feeling overshadowed by the idolized Cartoon Bernie Sanders and Cartoon Barack Obama, Cartoon Joe Biden sets out to earn his place as the fa...
    • Coronavirus
      Episode 10
      With the pandemic ravaging the country and his reelection in jeopardy, Cartoon Trump launches a propaganda campaign to convince America he's...
    • Secret Money
      Episode 9
      After Cartoon Trump learns he doesn't have enough money to pay his lawyers, he realizes he must fundraise from dreaded cartoon Silicon Valle...
    • G-7
      Episode 8
      After the G-7 nations make Cartoon Trump feel like a loser, he decides to start his own international alliance for cool dictators including ...
    • 03/08/20
      After a fake news story spreads on Facebook that threatens Cartoon Elizabeth Warren's campaign, she vows to hold cartoon tech giant Mark Zuc...
    • 03/01/20
      At the urging of Cartoons Speaker Pelosi and Leader Schumer, Cartoon Joe Biden pursues Cartoon Barack Obama's prized endorsement in hopes of...
    • Hillary 2020
      Episode 5
      After Cartoon Michael Bloomberg's campaign stumbles, he enlists Cartoon Hillary Clinton to take up the billionaire cause and launch a run fo...
    • Fox News
      Episode 4
      After Cartoon Trump sees Fox News giving airtime to Democrats, he ends their relationship and sets out to find a new media arm to spread his...
    • 02/09/20
      Fearing massive Democratic voter turnout, Cartoon Trump, with the help of Cartoon "Moscow" Mitch McConnell, guts election security measures,...
    • The Economy
      Episode 2
      After Cartoon Trump discovers that an impending economic downturn threatens his re-election chances, he and his sons, Cartoon Don Jr. and Ca...
    • Impeachment
      Episode 1
      After the House of Representatives impeaches Cartoon Trump, he teams up with Cartoon Sean Hannity to convince the nation he's been wrongly a...
  • Season 2
    • Space Force
      Episode 10
      Our Cartoon President launches Space Force without any attention to detail while the Democratic presidential candidates tank their campaigns...
    • 07/07/19
      Our Cartoon President and Cartoon Ben Shapiro lead an equal rights movement for oppressed conservatives while Cartoon Don Jr. feels parental...
    • 06/02/19
      Our Cartoon President makes his cabinet more competent to prove he only hires "the best people," while a freshly bearded Cartoon Ted Cruz se...
    • 06/09/19
      Our Cartoon President must prove his mental fitness after declaring nuclear war with Portugal while the cast of Fox & Friends transforms the...
    • 06/16/19
      Our Cartoon President uses Hollywood magic to fake a handshake with the troops while a lonely Cartoon Don Jr. forms a fast friendship with c...
    • Supreme Court
      Episode 7
      Our Cartoon President schmoozes the Supreme Court at Mar-A-Lago to ensure the Court upholds his right to commit crimes while Cartoon Eric at...
    • 06/30/19
      Our Cartoon President decides to buck his party and reverse climate change to solve his sweating problem while a disheveled Cartoon Bernie S...
    • Culture War
      Episode 3
      Our Cartoon President declares war on corporate America with the aid of cartoon My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell while an out-of-step Cartoon Joe ...
    • 05/19/19
      Our Cartoon President fights a right-wing revolt led by Cartoon Ann Coulter by becoming the most deplorable president in history while Carto...
    • 05/12/19
      Our Cartoon President declares a national emergency to build Trump Tower-Moscow while cartoon Democratic leaders Nancy Pelosi and Senator Ch...
  • Season 1
  • Special
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