Our Boys

Aired: Sep 02, 2019 , Monday at 22:00 on HBO

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Episode Summary: Mike worries that Simon risks crossing a line when he goes undercover as a reserve-duty soldier in Adam to learn more about Yosef and Rabbi Yizhak Ben Shoshan. Later, Simon works to get a tortured Avishai to open up to him, as Shabak readies to make crucial arrests. Suha mourns Mohammed's death and learns more about his life, and Hussein decides to talk to t more
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HBO's 'Our Boys' and the Struggle to Tell Real Stories When Truth is Under Attack

This week’s impeachment hearings — in which countless witnesses reaffirmed how Donald Trump had withheld aid to Ukraine until the country agreed to investigate the son of political rival Joe Biden (something even Trump has more or less admitted to) — was nonetheless a reminder how even the truth won’t prevent competing narratives in the media. For storytellers looking to accurately document real-life events for TV or film, that makes telling the definitive story even more challenging. And yet, true-life stories have come to domin... more


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