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A streetwise hustler is pulled into a compelling conspiracy after witnessing the suicide of a girl who looks just like her.
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The 6 Saddest 'Orphan Black' Deaths of the Series

The Ledas may have finally been free by the end of Orphan Black, but it wasn't easy and to get there, they suffered a number of significant -- and heartbreaking -- deaths along the way. Here are the saddest deaths of the series. 6. The Castors When Coady euthanized Mark in the penultimate episode of the series, she knew she was killing off the last remaining male clone. And while Mark was willing to give up Helena for the cure, it was ... more Comments

Best 'Orphan Black' Quotes from Season 5

Part of what makes Orphan Black so good is that it can be funny, touching, heartbreaking and so very brilliant all at the same time -- and that can easily be seen in the best quotes of a season. Here are the best quotes from season 5. "How? Jet skis? Frogmen? I'm on a bicycle, boys." Felix: "Now would be time for some good news, Scott." Scott: "Sorry, Felix. It's enough to start a rescue missio... more Comments

'Orphan Black': The Best Character Moments and Clone Swap of Season 5

The final season of Orphan Black was filled with moments during which characters had a chance to step up -- and step up they did. Whether it was killing (or refusing to kill), making a bold move or just sestras being sestras, these are the moments we'll remember. Here are the best character and Clone Club moments and clone swap of season 5. Sarah Killed John   John might have said it was a "lucky shot" that got him, but Sarah... more Comments

'Orphan Black': The 7 Most Shocking Moments of Season 5

Orphan Black shocked its fans from its opening scene -- why does this woman look just like Sarah?! -- and it continued to do so throughout its run, including in its final season. It's part of what made this show so good. Here are the 7 most shocking moments from season 5. 7. Sarah Was Attacked by Something on the Island While patching up her wounds from her fight with Rachel, Sarah was attacked by someone/something. While we would... more Comments

'Orphan Black' Interview: Ari Millen Says Ira's 'As Close to Being His Own Person' As He Ever Has Been

In the beginning on Orphan Black, there were just the Leda clones, but during the course of the series, we met the Castors, played by Ari Millen, and Ira's the one who has been by Susan's side since we first met him. But he's started changing and becoming his own person, especially this season.   Read on for TVBuz's chat with Millen as he discusses that devastating moment for Ira from "Manacled Slim Wrists," the Castor's reunion with Coady and more, an... more Comments

Photos: ORPHAN BLACK At IFC Center’s Split Screens Festival In NYC

A sold out house filled with passionate fans from around the globe flooded the Split Screens Festival at IFC Center on Tuesday (6/6), for the premiere screening of the final season of BBC America’s “Orphan Black ” (with cast Tatiana Maslany, Jordan Gavaris, Maria Doyle Kennedy, Kristian Bruun, Evelyne Brochu and Ari Millen, and executive producers Graeme Manson and John Fawcett). Fans from Colombia to Australia, Vancouver to France, traveled stateside for a glimp... more Comments

ORPHAN BLACK Season 5: The Clone Mystery From A to Z

Little did we know that fateful day when Beth Childs (Tatiana Maslany) stepped in front of a train, relinquishing her life to her clone-sister Sarah Manning (Tatiana Maslany), how twisty and torrid a tale would be revealed. ORPHAN BLACK is not simple story of a clone stepping (literally and figuratively) into the shoes and life of another who looks exactly like her — it is a complex story of multiple clones (male and female) who were engineered as part of a government/corporate experiment that went disastrously wrong. In and of itself, human cloning ... more Comments

'Orphan Black': The 5 Best Reactions to Being Told the Clone Secret

"You just broke the first rule of Clone Club," Cosima told Sarah in Orphan Black's third episode when she had Felix with her, but since then, quite a few characters have been brought in on the secret. Some people have taken the news of clones in stride, while others have ... not. And then there's Krystal. Here are the best reactions to being told about the clones. 5. Scott [YouTube=4Mb2KC3DNQs] Though Scott had be... more Comments

[VIDEO] 'Orphan Black' Season 5 Sneak Peek: Sarah Gets Attacked in the Woods

When last season of Orphan Black ended, Sarah was badly injured and stranded on the island. Season 5 picks up with her in the same position, and she soon finds herself in even more trouble, as is revealed in a first look scene from the premiere. But what about her family? Well, a conversation with Rachel is going to reveal what's happened with Kira -- and what the pro-clone wants next with Sarah's daughter. Watch a sneak peek from the season 5 premiere:... more Comments

[VIDEO] 'Orphan Black' Sneak Peek: Did Helena Just Make a Grave Mistake?

Everyone who watches Orphan Black knows how deadly Helena can be -- and in a sneak peek from the BBC America series' final season, we get a look at just that yet again. But Helena's actions raise quite a few questions, including just what she knew before she walked into the church. Watch a sneak peek of Helena in the final season: [YouTube=fLfRF8A1hk8] "I will cleanse them from this Earth," Helena says before entering a church, approaching a w... more Comments

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