Orphan Black

Aired: May 19, 2016 , Saturday at 22:00 on SPACE


Episode Summary: When Cosima admits doubts about finding a cure in time to save her life, Sarah makes a lone decision that exposes Kendall to those she's spent years hiding from. Meanwhile, Art and Felix team up to protect naive clone, Krystal Godderitch, from herself.
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Why Did Beth Kill Herself?

Orphan Black knows how to pack a lot into a gut-wrenching hour without overloading you with too much. That's the case with "The Scandal of Altruism." A deal with Susan Duncan has to have its consequences, especially once Sarah gets that bot out of her -- and it does. Devastating ones.Meanwhile, for those eager to find out why Beth returned home with blood on her hands, this episode answers not only that, but also reveals what exactly put her on that train platform.The Gun's in Beth's Ha... more

The Scandal of Altruism

Whoa. Talk about a game-changer. With the shocking twist at the end of Orphan Black Season 4 Episode 6, we're catapulted into the final four installments of the season with absolutely no idea where it can go from here. That's the best (and most exciting) situation to be in when watching a show like this. The killing of Kendall Malone was a season finale-tier event, which is why it came across as even more surprising. With Kendall's death, any hope of harvesting the original's gene... more



The 6 Saddest 'Orphan Black' Deaths of the Series

The Ledas may have finally been free by the end of Orphan Black, but it wasn't easy and to get there, they suffered a number of significant -- and heartbreaking -- deaths along the way. Here are the saddest deaths of the series. 6. The Castors When Coady euthanized Mark in the penultimate episode of the series, she knew she was killing off the last remaining male clone. And while Mark was willing to give up Helena for the cure, it was still... more

Best 'Orphan Black' Quotes from Season 5

Part of what makes Orphan Black so good is that it can be funny, touching, heartbreaking and so very brilliant all at the same time -- and that can easily be seen in the best quotes of a season. Here are the best quotes from season 5. "How? Jet skis? Frogmen? I'm on a bicycle, boys." Felix: "Now would be time for some good news, Scott." Scott: "Sorry, Felix. It's enough to start a rescue mission, bu... more

'Orphan Black': The Best Character Moments and Clone Swap of Season 5

The final season of Orphan Black was filled with moments during which characters had a chance to step up -- and step up they did. Whether it was killing (or refusing to kill), making a bold move or just sestras being sestras, these are the moments we'll remember. Here are the best character and Clone Club moments and clone swap of season 5. Sarah Killed John   John might have said it was a "lucky shot" that got him, but Sarah stil... more


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