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A streetwise hustler is pulled into a compelling conspiracy after witnessing the suicide of a girl who looks just like her.
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Orphan Black: SEASON 5, EPISODE 10: To Right the Wrongs of Many | TVBuzer

Aired: August 12,2017

In the series finale, Helena prepares to deliver in the basement of Old Dyad while Sarah and Art fight to protect her from Neolution.... more

Orphan Black LATEST REVIEWS | TVBuzer


Series Finale What Does Freedom Look Like for the Sestrahood?

Orphan Black, like any show, has had its ups and its downs, but it goes out with one of its strongest seasons and a fantastic, satisfying series finale. As it should be, "To Right the Wrongs of Many" is about the sestrahood above all else, about the family they've become and about what they've been fighting for this entire time: freedom.But in a way, getting that freedom is easier than having it, especially for Sarah. When we first met her -- when she "stepped off a train one day and met hers... more

Does Sarah Find Helena?

No amount of time would be enough to grieve the latest loss, but in this Orphan Black episode, Sarah hardly gets any before news reaches her that her sestra has been taken (again). Finding and saving her means making some bold moves (especially on Art's part) and having to rely on Rachel for information. "One Fettered Slave" also offers a look at Helena's life, at how she became the blonde sestra-killer we met in Season 1 who once cut into her own back.In a series of flashbacks, ... more

One Fettered Slave

The end is near, and Orphan Black is clearly going to go out with a bang. Orphan Black Season 5 Episode 9 was a near-perfect penultimate hour, ramping up the lingering plots as we head into the series finale. It was exciting, tense, unpredictable, and deeply emotional – basically, everything I could have hoped for. "One Fettered Slave" intertwined flashbacks to Helena's tortured and horrifying upbringing with Sarah and Clone Club attempting to save their kidnapped sest... more



Orphan Black: The 6 Saddest 'Orphan Black' Deaths of the Series News | TVBuzer

The 6 Saddest 'Orphan Black' Deaths of the Series

The Ledas may have finally been free by the end of Orphan Black, but it wasn't easy and to get there, they suffered a number of significant -- and heartbreaking -- deaths along the way. Here are the saddest deaths of the series. 6. The Castors When Coady euthanized Mark in the penultimate episode of the series, she knew she was killing off the last remaining male clone. And while Mark was willing to give up Helena for the cure, it was still... more

Orphan Black: Best 'Orphan Black' Quotes from Season 5 News | TVBuzer

Best 'Orphan Black' Quotes from Season 5

Part of what makes Orphan Black so good is that it can be funny, touching, heartbreaking and so very brilliant all at the same time -- and that can easily be seen in the best quotes of a season. Here are the best quotes from season 5. "How? Jet skis? Frogmen? I'm on a bicycle, boys." Felix: "Now would be time for some good news, Scott." Scott: "Sorry, Felix. It's enough to start a rescue mission, bu... more

Orphan Black: 'Orphan Black': The Best Character Moments and Clone Swap of Season 5 News | TVBuzer

'Orphan Black': The Best Character Moments and Clone Swap of Season 5

The final season of Orphan Black was filled with moments during which characters had a chance to step up -- and step up they did. Whether it was killing (or refusing to kill), making a bold move or just sestras being sestras, these are the moments we'll remember. Here are the best character and Clone Club moments and clone swap of season 5. Sarah Killed John   John might have said it was a "lucky shot" that got him, but Sarah stil... more


Orphan Black FAN COMMENTS (5)

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    super great serie looove it


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  • Level 1
    Oh My God!!! This show is riveting, it's brilliant, and the dots connect, from the little pieces to the big puzzle, it had me wanting more and more that I watched the entire first season in only hours! As a student studying BioPsychology those show has really stroked my GEEK!


  • Level 38
    This is not ordinarily my kind of thing, but It has managed to grab me and have me hooked. It was swiftly added to my favourites after the first 2 episodes. I just kept wanting to know what was going on and why. Now I have watched all 10 episodes of season 1 I hate the fact I have to wait until November for season 2 lol. It's surprisingly good!!


  • Level 42
    just started watching this show and it ended up in my calendar allmost right away, really good series


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