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When she was a deeply troubled teenager, Nikita was rescued from death row and given a second chance by a secret U.S. agency known only as Division. What they didn't tell her was that she was being trained as a spy and assassin. Having escaped Division, Nikita is seeking retribution and will stop at nothing to expose and destroy their covert operation.
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Nikita: SEASON 4, EPISODE 6: Canceled | TVBuzer

Aired: December 27,2013

Frustrated that MDK is still active, Nikita decides to end it her way. Leaving Michael and the team behind, Nikita takes Alex on the road to exact revenge. Nikita and Alex capture Mr. Jones and force him to reveal the names of the rest of the members of MDK. Armed with the information, Nikita goes down a dark path that may ultimately cost her her s... more



Truth Slowly Uncovered

Wow! I opened my last Nikita review that same way and the feeling remains for the same for the season premiere. This show continued to knock it out of the park in both action and heart. I'll be sad to say goodbye to these characters at the end of the year. With a shortened Nikita season 4, the premiere didn't waste any time at all. After 100 days of being on the run, Nikita finally had some evidence that could help prove what really happened on that horrib... more

Welcome Home

Team Nikita is back together! Well, sorta.  After three months on her own, Nikita has rejoined the team with the guys, while Alex and Sonya are on their own mission in India. Even though she took off in order to protect her family, they continued to investigate Amanda and the Shop in order to stop them. It's difficult to say whether Nikita made the best decision by leaving or not, but at this point she must stay. Nikita has stirred up trouble for their foes and even tho... more

Is Birkhoff a Fake?

Is Seymour Birkhoff a fake?  Yes, he is! Just not exactly as you we were led to believe in the Nikita Season 4 Episode 3 trailer. And, that's a good thing. A very good thing! Up until the moment that Peller's face showed up on Birkhoff's computer screen, there was no doubt that he was "Nerd." He greeted Nikita with enthusiasm and counseled both Michael and Nikita as only he could. When Peller showed up as the NSA mole, he immediately changed. My fi... more



Nikita: CBS Orders ‘NCIS’ & 'CSI' Spin-Offs, ‘Odd Couple,’ Kevin Williamson’s ‘Stalker’ & 4 More to Series News | TVBuzer

CBS Orders ‘NCIS’ & 'CSI' Spin-Offs, ‘Odd Couple,’ Kevin Williamson’s ‘Stalker’ & 4 More to Series

CBS just announced it’s order of several new series for its 2014-15 schedule, including ‘NCIS: New Orlean,’ ‘Scorpion,’ ‘Battle Creek,’ ‘Madam Secretary,’ ‘The McCarthys,’ 'The Odd Couple' and ‘Stalker.’ No official word, yet, on 'How I Met Your Dad,' even though it's rumored to have been ordered to series. CBS has also granted a series order to the 'CSI: Cyber' spin-off, whi... more

Nikita: CBS Orders New 'NCIS' Spin-Off and More for 2014-2015 Season News | TVBuzer

CBS Orders New 'NCIS' Spin-Off and More for 2014-2015 Season

CBS is the last of the five major networks to get into the business of revealing its new shows for the 2014-2015 TV season. Following early renewals for most of its current shows, the network is adding six new programs to the list. Not on the list is How I Met Your Dad, which has been rumored to be picked up . The list does include another NCIS spin-off and an Odd Couple reboot starring Matthew ... more

Nikita: FOX Grants 'Gotham' a Full Series Order & Releases First Official Trailer News | TVBuzer

FOX Grants 'Gotham' a Full Series Order & Releases First Official Trailer

FOX is officially in the Batman business! The network announced that the highly antcipated Batman prequel 'Gotham' has been given the greenlight for a full series order of at least 13 episodes, proving that the world's superhero craze is far from over. Fronted by 'Southland' star and former 'O.C.' vetBen McKenzie (as a young police detective James Gordon), more



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