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Night Gallery was creator-host Rod Serling's follow-up to The Twilight Zone. Set in a shadowy museum of the outre, Serling weekly unveiled disturbing portraiture as preface to a highly diverse anthology of tales in the fantasy-horror vein. Bolstering Serling's thoughtful original dramas were adaptations of classic genre material--short stories by such luminaries as H. P. Lovecr more
...aft, Fritz Leiber, A.E. van Vogt, Algernon Blackwood, Conrad Aiken, Richard Matheson, August Derleth, and Christianna Brand. Variety of material brought with it a variety of tone, from the deadly serious to the tongue-in-cheek, stretching the television anthology concept to its very limits.
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Night Gallery: SEASON 3, EPISODE 17: How to Cure the Common Vampire | TVBuzer

Aired: May 27,1973

Yet another vignette about vampires (and those who hunt them).... more

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Death on a Barge

Ron, a local merchant in a small seaside town, is walking past the canal at night when he sees a young woman in a white dress sitting on a barge. He approaches the dock and she introduces herself as Hyacinth. She refuses to come across to meet him, but says that she’s seen him walk by and knows his name. Ron contents himself with talking to her across the canal water that separates them. The next day, Ron is at his shop working with his partner, Jake. Ron’s girlfriend Phyllis comes ... more

Something in the Woodwork

Molly Wheatland has purchased an old house to move into after her divorce. She is setting the table for a birthday dinner when the repairman, Joe Wilson, comes downstairs. Molly tells him that she’s setting the table for her ex-husband, Charlie, and begs Joe into staying for coffee. While she drinks, Molly regales Joe with stories about Charlie. When he tries to leave, Molly asks about the attic room, and Joe says that it’s locked and he doesn’t have the key. Molly tells him to cut open the door, an... more

The Ring with the Red Velvet Ropes

Jim Figg has just soundly defeated Big Dan Anger for the heavyweight boxing championship. While celebrating with his manager, Figg is met in his dressing room by Anger, whose face Figg has just beaten to a bloody pulp. Anger tells Figg that he isn't the real champion, but Figg shrugs it off as sour grapes, and says that they'll talk rematch later. Seconds later, Figg's manager Max tells him that Anger was just rushed to the hospital for his injuries from the fight. Figg replies that's impossible as he jus... more



Night Gallery: Staff Picks: All We Want For Christmas Is... News | TVBuzer

Staff Picks: All We Want For Christmas Is...

Happy Holidays TVBuzer readers! I hope you are all cozied up in your Christmas jammies, with your closest family and friends, spending this holiday season by exchanging gifts and love. Here at TVBuzer we spent a lot of time thinking about what it is we want most for Christmas this year. Being the raging TV addicts that we are, of course, we have just a few requests for Santa. Dear Santa, this year for Christmas, TVBuzer wants… Allyson Koerner:   All I Want for Christmas Is More Time to Watch TV (and Michael Weatherly Under My... more


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