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Episode Summary: Prue takes full advantage of having sprung Terese drinking. Amy is stuck in a war between her father and boyfriend. Which side will she choose?
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Paul Robinson in the dock

On June 6th, Neighbours villain, Paul Robinson, makes his long-awaited appearance in court as he fights for his freedom. Since the Lassiter's explosion, which resulted in the deaths of Josh and Doug Willis, first aired on Channel 5 on April 4th, the one-time innocent engineering student and Trolley Dolly has become prime suspect in the manslaughter case, with even his former lover Terese believing he is guilty and plotting his downfall by bribing Cecilia. And yet, throughout this time, and despite... more

Exclusive - Matt Wilson reveals what the future holds for Aaron

Last week I was privileged to catch up with Neighbours star Matt Wilson who plays Aaron Brennan on the show. Here you can read the second part of my interview with Matt which includes the impact Hotel Death Trap week has on Aaron. Neighbours airs on Channel 5, weekdays - 1.45pm & 5.30pm. It was a big week for Neighbours last week with Hotel Death Trap, can you tell how what impact this will have on Aaron? Aaron, previously ... more

Exclusive - Matt Wilson talks about playing Aaron on Neighbours

Yesterday I was privileged to catch up with Neighbours star Matt Wilson who plays Aaron Brennan on the show. I really enjoyed catching up with Matt and I think he has a great future ahead of him. It is a big week for the show as Hotel Death Trap continues with the fate of many fan favourites left in the balance. Have you seen this week’s episodes? Yeah several times and I cried both times. How would yo... more


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