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18-year-old Nancy Drew thought she’d be leaving her hometown for college, but when a family tragedy strikes and holds her back another year, she finds herself embroiled in a ghostly murder investigation that uncover secrets that run deep in her hometown of Horseshoe Bay, Maine.
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Nancy Drew (2019) Episode Guide | TVBuzer

Nancy Drew (2019) Episode Guide


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AIRED ON December 11,2019

Season 1: Episode 9


  • Season 1
    • CURRENT EPISODE AIRED 12/11/19 AT 09:00 PM ON The CW

      Nancy Drew (2019) Season 1 Episode 9: The Hidden Staircase | TVBuzer
      Nancy and the Drew Crew desperately search for George's missing sister, Ted, whose kidnapping eerily mirrors the investigation that started ...
    • 12/04/19
      Nancy and the Drew Crew discover that the car wreck that left one of their own at death's door was no accident. While simultaneously hoping ...
    • Believing that solving Lucy's murder will lead to solving Tiffany's murder, the Drew Crew resolves to find a way to speak with the only eyew...
    • While trying to uncover the truth about a long-buried history between Lucy Sable and Ryan Hudson, Nancy finds herself in the curious positio...
    • When Nancy realizes that George is possessed by Tiffany's spirit, she must act quickly to rid her friend of the ghostly passenger before it'...
    • 10/30/19
      As the funeral for Tiffany Hudson nears, her confused spirit seemingly haunts Horseshoe Bay. Nancy invites Bess to stay with her, allowing N...
    • When a nor'easter hits Horseshoe Bay, Ace warns everyone that the storm has been known to blow restless spirits ashore. Meanwhile, Nancy con...
    • When Nancy learns that Tiffany Hudson's corpse is being moved out of Horseshoe Bay for a private autopsy, she puts her investigation into Lu...
    • Pilot
      Episode 1
      Nancy Drew is a brilliant teenage detective whose sense of self had come from solving mysteries in her hometown of Horseshoe Bay, Maine - un...
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