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Aired: Mar 28, 2021 , Sunday at 21:00 on CBS

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Episode Summary: To rescue Joelle from further torture by the Russians, Callen and NCIS must offer up Anna as bait to Katya. Also, Callen finally discovers who accused him of being Russian spy.
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  • Los Angeles Season 12 Episode 13 Review

    Los Angeles Season 12 Episode 13 Review

    Someone has gotten exactly the result that he or she wanted. The question remains who.

    Anna did the noble thing sacrificing herself to save Joelle and was in a world of trouble when NCIS: Los Angeles Season 12 Episode 13 ended.

    But the question that has yet to be answered is who exactly has her.

    Someone wearing a dog/wolf mask and using a voice scrambler abducted Joelle as a way of flushing out Anna.

    But so little of this storyline adds up. Why take Joelle rather than someone important to Anna such as Arkady or Callen? Yeah, that about covers the people who matter to Anna.

    What did make sense was someone feeding intel to the suspicious Carlson that Callen was a Russian spy, to keep him busy while this plot was being hatched to capture Anna.

    It's also likely that a mole on the American side is helping whoever is after Anna.

    But I'm beginning to think that Katya is a red herring since we have y...



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