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Murphy is the star reporter on a news magazine show called FYI. The show is based in Washington DC, which gives the FYI team more than enough material to work with. Murphy lives in a townhouse that she has been having repainted for the duration of the series, Eldin the painter may never finish the job, but Murphy doesn't seem to mind. Murphy owes her Betty Ford trip to Phil, he more
... owns the local bar & restaurant where the staff and the rest of the political scene have lunch. Phil knows about everything going on in Washington. Jim Dial is the uptight senior anchor, a seasoned veteran, who accompanied Murphy on her trip to the Betty Ford Clinic. Frank is a single guy and constantly looking for a girlfriend, he is also Murphy's best friend. Corky is a former Miss America turned news person, she covers all the "hard" news.
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Murphy Brown Episode Guide | TVBuzer

Murphy Brown Episode Guide


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AIRED ON December 20,2018

Season 11: Episode 13


  • Season 11

      Murphy Brown Season 11 Episode 13: Happy New Year | TVBuzer
      Happy New Year
      Episode 13
      The gang tries to distract Murphy from worrying about Avery's assignment in Kabul by getting her to attend the special 100th anniversary New...
    • AWOL
      Episode 12
      A disillusioned Avery seeks career inspiration from his extended family at "Murphy in the Morning," as the team tries to salvage a major sto...
    • During Corky's live "National Adopt a Pet Day" segment, she guilts Murphy into adopting a dog. Also, Avery's show is moved to the Wolf Netwo...
    • Beat the Press
      Episode 10
      When Frank is physically attacked while covering a political rally, Murphy becomes afraid to dispute the opposing viewpoint of a guest on he...
    • 11/22/18
      Murphy's reluctant Thanksgiving dinner guests fear the worst....
    • The 'Murphy in the Morning' team strives to land a revealing first interview with Corky's beauty pageant friend, Holly (Brooke Shields), who...
    • 11/08/18
      The "Murphy in the Morning" team, Avery and Phyllis join Jim Dial at an eventful lifetime achievement award gala in his honor, hosted by Kat...
    • 11/01/18
      The team gears up for its live all-day coverage of the midterm elections, competing against Avery, who is reporting with John Haggerty, the ...
    • Fearful of being scooped while legal vets her weighty investigative story, Murphy is exasperated when she learns Frank is dating an anchor, ...
    • 10/18/18
      Murphy and the team weigh the pros and cons of accepting the offer to have the first interview with a headline-grabbing former White House s...
    • #MurphyToo
      Episode 3
      After Murphy attends a sexual harassment seminar for the "Murphy in the Morning" staff, she is surprised to find herself reeling from the lo...
    • 10/04/18
      After decades of being banned, the team devises an elaborate ruse to sneak Murphy into a White House press briefing; Phyllis hires an enthus...
    • Fake News
      Episode 1
      Amid a divided nation, chaotic national discourse and rampant attacks on the press, Murphy decides to return to the airwaves with her biting...
  • Season 10
    • 05/18/98
      Jim seeks some career advice from Mike Wallace. Mike tells him he is boring and has lost his spark. Murphy begins her interview with God, wh...
    • 05/18/98
      Murphy fires her last secretary, she plans on leaving FYI, it has been six months since her last chemotherapy treatment. She wants to live t...
    • 05/04/98
      Murphy finds a secretary that she likes; only nobody else likes his abrasive approach. Jim is planning a rendezvous with Doris in Maine. Whe...
    • 04/27/98
      To prove her point about gender identification, Kay shows up at Phil's dressed as a man. The disguise fools the staff and Murphy uses Kay in...
    • 04/20/98
      For a birthday present, Murphy helps her friend Lisa, from the canccer support group, to meet her high school crush. The gang decides to ret...
    • 04/13/98
      Jerry Gold returns from Germany and it seems just like old times for Murphy and Jerry and the gang. Even Kay sees it as she tells the gang h...
    • Opus One
      Episode 16
      Murphy is done with her chemotherapy and she thinks that is the best birthday she could get for her upcoming 50th birthday. Frank and Murphy...
    • Then and Now
      Episode 15
      Kay's idea to take the show to Paris turns into the network's idea of airing old stories on a cable special. The staff tries to decide upon ...
    • 01/21/98
      Murphy battles insomnia and the gang helps her to get through the night. Frank, while he is on a stakeout with a SWAT team. Jim, while he is...
    • The chemotherapy begins to take its toll on Murphy's hair. She begins to wear a wig and attend support group meetings....
    • Murphy's new secretary makes a great cup of coffee, but doesn't have time for much else. Murphy receives a call from a former Wall Street tr...
    • 12/17/97
      Murphy fires yet another secretary and while searching for a story idea for Corky, Kay suggests the staff go out on the terrace. They get tr...
    • 12/10/97
      Corky is working to help the zoo with their charity auction. Murphy's bout with cancer has made her realize there may not another chance to ...
    • Tempus Fugit
      Episode 9
      Frank signs his new contract; Murphy is in the midst of negotiating her new deal. After Murphy can't make her appearance on the show, Corky ...
    • 11/19/97
      While acting as chaperone for one of Avery's field trips, Murphy meets a younger man who wants to take her out on a date. The staff worry ab...
    • Petty Woman
      Episode 7
      Murphy's archrival, Athena Gillington, invites her to one of her parties. Murphy doesn't want to go because she thinks it is a pity invitati...
    • 11/05/97
      Murphy begins her chemotherapy treatments. The treatments make her uncomfortable and take a lot out of her. She confronts Jim about his avoi...
    • 10/29/97
      Frank can't stop telling the story about him punching the paparazzi. Murphy returns to work the day after her surgery and she looks like hel...
    • 10/22/97
      Murphy worries about how she is going to tell Avery about the trip to the hospital she is making to treat a word she can't yet bring herself...
    • 10/15/97
      When Murphy and Frank don't show up for dinner, Kay speculates they have are a having a relationship. Murphy drops the bomb on the rest of t...
    • Murphy needs a biopsy, which she reluctantly gets right away and must wait to hear the results at the end of the next day. In the morning of...
    • Murphy Redux
      Episode 1
      Murphy says her goodbyes to the gang of FYI. She takes a month off before her new job at the White House starts. On her first day, Murphy en...
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