Mr. Robot

Aired: Nov 17, 2019 , Sunday at 22:00 on USA Network


Episode Summary: Elliot feuds any data.
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Proxy Authentication Required

Elliot Alderson will never be the same again.  Mr. Robot Season 4 Episode 7 was a different style of episode, entirely taking place in Krista's apartment as revelations about Vera and Elliot came to light.  Trust Sam Esmail to make an installment set in an apartment one of the most visually stunning works of the year. Vera was a deluded man who wanted the world to look up to him. It makes sense that he got bored after returning home.  Some people have to b... more



'Outlander' Exec Producer Ronald D. Moore Confirms He's 'In Talks' for Spinoff

As “Outlander” pauses before submitting its characters to a new wave of 18th century horrors, the creators are also looking to the future. Starz just announced three “Power” spinoffs — would exec producer Ronald D. Moore ever consider the same for “Outlander?” “We are definitely talking about it, there’s nothing official but we’re in conversations... more

Mr. Robot Series Finale Recap: If I Could Turn Back Time - (Grade It!)

Mr. Robot wrote its last line of code with a mind-bending two-hour series finale that had us questioning: What is reality, anyway? (And who is Elliot Alderson?) Sunday’s finale opens with the original, hoodie-wearing Elliot — let’s call him Old Elliot — narrating to us again, as we see what happened to him after that incident with Whiterose at the nuclear power plant. He wakes up lying on the ground as the earth trembles, and the power plant has vanis... more

Performer of the Week: Rami Malek

THE PERFORMER | Rami Malek THE SHOW | Mr. Robot THE EPISODE | “407 Proxy Authentication Required” (Nov. 17, 2019) THE PERFORMANCE | ... more


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