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Mr. Robot follows Elliot, a young programmer who works as a cyber-security engineer by day and a vigilante hacker by night. Elliot finds himself at a crossroads when the mysterious leader of an underground hacker group recruits him to destroy the corporation.
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Mr. Robot: SEASON 4, EPISODE 2: 402 Payment Required | TVBuzer

Aired: October 13,2019

Elliot + Darlene come together. Dom gets dark army vibes.... more



Payment Requested

It's kill or be killed.  That was the stunning realization Darlene came to on Mr. Robot Season 4 Episode 2 after learning that Elliot was going full steam ahead with his plan to take down Whiterose.  Whiterose already said that Elliot would be killed the moment his plan came to fruition, and by extension, that extends to Darlene. She has been there for too much stuff to be allowed to continue with her life.  Darlene was all over the place on Mr. Robot Seas... more


Three seasons in, I've yet to encounter an episode of Mr. Robot that can truly be considered "bad," but Mr. Robot Season 3 Episode 9 was about as underwhelming as the show can get. Largely predictable and a bit of a drag, I wasn't too fond of "Stage 3." I suppose I spoke slightly too soon when I called Mr. Robot Season 3 Episode 8 my least favorite of the season! It's admittedly weird that I'm calling an hour which leaves three of our main characters in jeopardy "under... more


Unlike other recent installments of the series, Mr. Robot Season 3 Episode 8 was largely introspective and had relatively little plot-driving impact – until the closing moments, at least. "Don't Delete Me" found Elliot floundering in guilt and depression following the Evil Corp terrorist attacks, until he was saved by an unexpected encounter. Overall, this was about as predictable as an hour of this show can possibly get. But in the end, it was well-executed and avoid... more



Mr. Robot: TV Review: 'Mr. Robot' Season 4 News | TVBuzer

TV Review: 'Mr. Robot' Season 4

It can be easy to forget quite how big a deal, in its early going, “Mr. Robot” was. It eventually became, fairly enough, a hallmark for narrative and directorial excess. But the series, about Elliot, a hacker attempting to remake America, had the real-life effect of remaking the USA Network, shifting the cabler conclusively away from its previous model of sunny workplace dramedy. Its broader implications included the launches of executive producer Sam Esmail, with Amazon’s “Homecomin... more

Mr. Robot: 'Mr. Robot' Is Ending, and Cable Audiences May Not See Another Show as Bold For a Long, Long Time News | TVBuzer

'Mr. Robot' Is Ending, and Cable Audiences May Not See Another Show as Bold For a Long, Long Time

For those who have been following just how many projects “Mr. Robot” creator Sam Esmail and star Rami Malek have taken on in recent years, Wednesday’s news that the fourth season will be “Robot’s” last isn’t that surprising. Esmail has always said he had a fixed ending for the show in mind, in part because the show was based on an original screenplay he chose to expand for the series; a show which stood out as one of the high points of TV’s recent boom in daring and groundbreaking storytelling While W... more

Mr. Robot: USA Renews 'Mr. Robot' for Season 4 News | TVBuzer

USA Renews 'Mr. Robot' for Season 4

Just as Mr. Robot is about to end its third season, USA has announced that the tech drama will be back for season 4. The renewal comes on the same day that the show will air its season 3 finale at 10/9c on USA. Mr. Robot was a critical darling when it first launched, earning major awards for the show and star Rami Malek. The fervor has died down by season 3, with Christian Slater scoring the show's only Golden Globe no... more


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