• Mr. Mercedes Season 2 Episode 10: Fade to Blue | TVBuzer
    Fade to Blue
    Episode 10
    The community reels from recent news about Brady, and the Mercedes Killer's future lands in the hands of the few people who have survived hi...
  • Mr. Mercedes Season 2 Episode 9: Walk Like A Man | TVBuzer
    Babineau divulges the details of Brady's treatment, confirming Hodges' worst fears. As news about Brady spreads, Hodges faces intense scruti...
  • Mr. Mercedes Season 2 Episode 8: Nobody Puts Brady in a Crestmore | TVBuzer
    After Hodges suffers an attack, Ida, Holly, and Jerome rally around him, but Donna is reminded of her deepest fears. As support of Babineau'...
  • Mr. Mercedes Season 2 Episode 7: Fell On Black Days | TVBuzer
    Hodges and Donna look toward a new future. Jerome contemplates his place in the world. Under pressure from Cora and Vitalta, Babineau perfor...
  • Mr. Mercedes Season 2 Episode 6: Proximity | TVBuzer
    Episode 6
    A visit from Lou elicits an unprecedented response from Brady, and Dr. Babineau pushes him to communicate. Holly begins to come around to Ho...
  • Mr. Mercedes Season 2 Episode 5: Ándale | TVBuzer
    Episode 5
    Eager to prosecute Brady, Montez turns up the heat on Dr. Babineau. Holly feels betrayed when Hodges' meddling threatens the future of Finde...
  • Mr. Mercedes Season 2 Episode 4: Motherboard | TVBuzer
    Episode 4
    Hodges is rattled by the death of a hospital staff member. Jerome offers help in Hodges's quest to uncover the truth. Brady works to master ...
  • Mr. Mercedes Season 2 Episode 3: You Can Go Home Now | TVBuzer
    Brady welcomes a visitor from his past. Sensing Holly's growing frustration, Hodges includes her in his unofficial investigation. Cora conti...
  • Mr. Mercedes Season 2 Episode 2: Let’s Go Roaming | TVBuzer
    Hodges struggles with his cases at Finders Keepers, putting him at odds with a concerned Holly. Sadie senses a shift in Brady's medical stat...
  • Mr. Mercedes Season 2 Episode 1: Missed You | TVBuzer
    Missed You
    Episode 1
    With Brady hospitalized, Hodges and Holly rebuild, opening private investigative agency Finders Keepers. Brady's care falls to Dr. Babineau,...