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Based on Stephen King’s best-selling Bill Hodges Trilogy, which includes, "Mr. Mercedes", "Finders Keepers" and "End of Watch". Season 1: Two years ago, a psychopathic killer drove a stolen Mercedes into a crowd, killing 16. The recently-retired detective who headed the unsolved case suddenly begins receiving mysterious messages containing unreleased information and decides to more
... start his own, unofficial investigation. Season 2: A year after his thwarted attempt to perpetrate a second mass murder in the community of Bridgton, Ohio, Brady Hartsfield remains hospitalized in a vegetative state. Retired Detective Bill Hodges has done his best to move on from his Brady obsession, teaming up with Holly Gibney to open Finders Keepers, a private investigative agency. But when unexplainable occurrences begin to affect hospital staff members attending to Brady, Hodges is nagged by the feeling that Brady is somehow responsible.
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Mr. Mercedes Episode Guide | TVBuzer

Mr. Mercedes Episode Guide


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AIRED ON November 12,2019

Season 3: Episode 10


  • Season 3
    • CURRENT EPISODE AIRED 11/12/19 AT 10:00 PM ON Audience Network

      Mr. Mercedes Season 3 Episode 10: Burning Man | TVBuzer
      Burning Man
      Episode 10
      Hodges gets an unexpected call. Pete has a plan, and Morris starts to feel the heat....
    • Crunch Time
      Episode 9
      Hodges and Jerome have a breakthrough in the Rothstein case; Holly gets a strange inheritance; Morris makes a frightening discovery....
    • Mommy Deadest
      Episode 8
      Holly takes on a questionable roommate; after receiving an unexpected visitor, Ida seeks advice from Hodges; Alma and Morris decide they nee...
    • 10/22/19
      Jerome discovers a connection between Alma and Rothstein. After an attempt by Morris fails, Alma pays a visit to Second Story Books. Hodges ...
    • Bad to Worse
      Episode 6
      Alma gives Pete a scare and instructs Morris to do the same.Pete revisits the local bookstore. Hodges and Jerome fear for Holly ahead of her...
    • 10/08/19
      Lou's trial continues in earnest. Bill is called as a hostile witness for the prosecution and complicates matters. Holly and Finkelstein dra...
    • 10/01/19
      Alma and Morris zero in on a suspect. Jerome continues to make strides in the Rothstein case. Hodges shares his guilt over Lou's current sit...
    • Love Lost
      Episode 3
      Holly visits Lou ahead of her psych evaluation. Jerome accesses Rothstein's records and uncovers an unexpected connection to Ida. Hodges and...
    • Madness
      Episode 2
      As she is evaluated for mental competency, Lou continues to be haunted by Brady. Morris and Alma hatch a plan to recover their spoils....
    • No Good Deed
      Episode 1
      The murder of iconic local author John Rothstein devastates Hodges. When unpublished works of Rothstein's are suspected to be stolen from hi...
  • Season 2
    • Fade to Blue
      Episode 10
      The community reels from recent news about Brady, and the Mercedes Killer's future lands in the hands of the few people who have survived hi...
    • 10/17/18
      Babineau divulges the details of Brady's treatment, confirming Hodges' worst fears. As news about Brady spreads, Hodges faces intense scruti...
    • After Hodges suffers an attack, Ida, Holly, and Jerome rally around him, but Donna is reminded of her deepest fears. As support of Babineau'...
    • 10/03/18
      Hodges and Donna look toward a new future. Jerome contemplates his place in the world. Under pressure from Cora and Vitalta, Babineau perfor...
    • Proximity
      Episode 6
      A visit from Lou elicits an unprecedented response from Brady, and Dr. Babineau pushes him to communicate. Holly begins to come around to Ho...
    • Ándale
      Episode 5
      Eager to prosecute Brady, Montez turns up the heat on Dr. Babineau. Holly feels betrayed when Hodges' meddling threatens the future of Finde...
    • Motherboard
      Episode 4
      Hodges is rattled by the death of a hospital staff member. Jerome offers help in Hodges's quest to uncover the truth. Brady works to master ...
    • 09/05/18
      Brady welcomes a visitor from his past. Sensing Holly's growing frustration, Hodges includes her in his unofficial investigation. Cora conti...
    • 08/29/18
      Hodges struggles with his cases at Finders Keepers, putting him at odds with a concerned Holly. Sadie senses a shift in Brady's medical stat...
    • Missed You
      Episode 1
      With Brady hospitalized, Hodges and Holly rebuild, opening private investigative agency Finders Keepers. Brady's care falls to Dr. Babineau,...
  • Season 1
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