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True-crime documentary series telling the stories of police investigations centred around the moment where detectives realise they have cracked the case.
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Moment of Proof Episode Guide | TVBuzer

Moment of Proof Episode Guide


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AIRED ON January 22,2021

Season 1: Episode 15


  • Season 1
    • CURRENT EPISODE AIRED 01/22/21 AT 11:45 AM ON BBC One

      Moment of Proof Season 1 Episode 15: The Medication | TVBuzer
      The Medication
      Episode 15
      A discarded gun cartridge helps the police to convict a man who gunned down a fellow officer, and a packet of medication helps to lock up a ...
    • 01/21/21
      A simple business card reveals the true identities of a gang of con artists, and a ripped-up, handwritten note holds the key to locking away...
    • The Feud
      Episode 13
      A grainy video from a petrol station forecourt helps convict a gang of cold-blooded killers, and a criminal's mobile phone finally connects ...
    • The Wallpaper
      Episode 12
      How a distinctive wallpaper pattern exposed the lies of a con-woman who claimed to be suffering from a rare cancer. And a hidden compartment...
    • The Medication
      Episode 11
      A distinctive sticker on a laptop finally links a man to a string of burglaries that had terrified an entire community, and a shiny copper h...
    • 01/15/21
      A distinctive hat leads police to a prolific gang stealing bank cards, and one careless text message puts a dangerous stalker behind bars fo...
    • The Hoodie
      Episode 9
      A hoodie helps police take a dangerous attacker off our streets, and a car's satnav reveals the mastermind behind the biggest armed robbery ...
    • 01/13/21
      A vehicle's satnav puts a pair of prolific animal thieves behind bars, and an anonymous letter holds the key to the identity of a blackmaile...
    • 01/12/21
      A wedding video helps crack the case of a teenage abduction, and an expired pilot's licence exposes a fraudster flying under the radar....
    • The Notebook
      Episode 6
      A scribbled name in a discarded notebook is the key to putting a dangerous driver behind bars, and the serial numbers on stolen bank notes c...
    • The Trap
      Episode 5
      A plastic bag heat sealer convicts an online drug trafficker, and a casual chat with a criminal, plus a map, join the dots to catch three bu...
    • The Ponytail
      Episode 4
      How a single glove reveals the identities of a prolific and violent gang, and an image of a distinctive ponytail solves a hi-tech bank heist...
    • The Mole
      Episode 3
      How a discarded scrap of paper found in a household bin helps convict a cold-blooded killer; and a distinctive mole holds the key to trackin...
    • The Pyjamas
      Episode 2
      A regular pair of pyjamas reveals the shocking true identity of an attacker who left his victim for dead, and a bright yellow baseball cap p...
    • 01/04/21
      A single text message, hidden amongst thousands, nails a serial fraudster; and an extraordinary surveillance operation leads straight to the...
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