• Modern Family Season 4 Episode 24: Goodnight, Gracie | TVBuzer
    Everyone flies down to Florida to be with Phil after his mom's passing. Claire helps Phil with Gracie's last wish for Frank, and the kids re...
  • Modern Family Season 4 Episode 23: Games People Play | TVBuzer
    Phil gets a new RV for a fun family road trip. Jay and Gloria search for Manny's backpack. Lily's gymnastics meet brings out Cam and Mitch's...
  • Modern Family Season 4 Episode 22: My Hero | TVBuzer
    My Hero
    Episode 22
    Mitch's ex-boyfriend, a personable and successful doctor, invites the whole family to a fundraising event at a roller rink; Phil teaches Glo...
  • Modern Family Season 4 Episode 21: Career Day | TVBuzer
    Career Day
    Episode 21
    Phil is jazzed to share the wonders of residential real estate with Luke and Manny's classmates for career day. Gloria challenges Jay's clai...
  • Modern Family Season 4 Episode 20: Flip Flop | TVBuzer
    Flip Flop
    Episode 20
    Phil gets desperate when Cam and Claire's flipped house is more difficult to sell than expected; Javier brings his new girlfriend along to v...
  • Modern Family Season 4 Episode 19: The Future Dunphys | TVBuzer
    At the hospital Claire and Phil see the older version of their family; Mitchell and Cameron plan a day for Lily and Gloria; Manny and Jay go...
  • Modern Family Season 4 Episode 18: The Wow Factor | TVBuzer
    The Wow Factor
    Episode 18
    Claire and Cam bring in a third party (Wendi McLendon-Covey) when they reach an impasse on a landscaping decision; Phil teaches basic fix-it...
  • Modern Family Season 4 Episode 17: Best Men | TVBuzer
    Best Men
    Episode 17
    Mitch and Cam's friend Sal announces she's getting married the next day and they are in the wedding; Gloria doesn't trust her new nanny; Cla...
  • Modern Family Season 4 Episode 16: Bad Hair Day | TVBuzer
    Bad Hair Day
    Episode 16
    Things get awkward when Phil shows up at Claire's college reunion; Jay is fixated on winning a big bowling tournament; a wig malfunction dur...
  • Modern Family Season 4 Episode 15: Heart Broken | TVBuzer
    Heart Broken
    Episode 15
    Claire and Phil's Valentine's Day romp ends with Claire in the hospital; Jay and Gloria's attempts at romance are interrupted by the kids; a...
  • Modern Family Season 4 Episode 14: A Slight at the Opera | TVBuzer
    When the lead in the school's production of "Phantom of the Opera" gets sick, Manny is willing to do anything to land the lead; Phil and Jay...
  • Modern Family Season 4 Episode 13: Fulgencio | TVBuzer
    Episode 13
    When Gloria's mother and sister visit, they bring traditions, baby names and family baggage; Phil helps the kids with their problems; Mitche...
  • Modern Family Season 4 Episode 12: Party Crasher | TVBuzer
    Party Crasher
    Episode 12
    Gloria and Jay try to make Manny's 14th birthday extra special by planning a surprise party; Haley starts hanging out with a much older guy....
  • Modern Family Season 4 Episode 11: New Year's Eve | TVBuzer
    New Year's Eve
    Episode 11
    Jay and the family plan to celebrate New Year's together at a hotel in Palm Springs, but the hotel doesn't meet their expectations; Alex and...
  • Modern Family Season 4 Episode 10: Diamond in the Rough | TVBuzer
    When Manny and Luke's Little League team makes it to the playoffs, Claire and Cameron search for a field to use; Gloria uses a microphone to...
  • Modern Family Season 4 Episode 9: When a Tree Falls | TVBuzer
    Mitch and Cam try to save an old tree in the park; Jay takes Manny to a kid's Olympics-themed birthday party; Gloria and Claire have an even...
  • Modern Family Season 4 Episode 8: Mistery Date | TVBuzer
    Mistery Date
    Episode 8
    When Claire, Manny and Luke go to Alex's academic decathlon for the weekend, Phil throws a guys' night at home; Manny and Luke crash bar mit...
  • Modern Family Season 4 Episode 7: Arrested | TVBuzer
    Episode 7
    Cameron watches Alex and Luke while Phil, Claire and Mitchell deal with Haley's arrest. Jay tries to cut short a surprise visit from ex-wife...
  • Modern Family Season 4 Episode 6: Yard Sale | TVBuzer
    Yard Sale
    Episode 6
    Jay and Gloria host a yard sale to help with a school fundraiser; Mitch and Cam vet Alex's new friend; Manny finds a trunk full of secrets....
  • Modern Family Season 4 Episode 5: Open House of Horrors | TVBuzer
    Claire must rein in her enthusiasm for Halloween and keep her celebration kid-friendly; Phil decides to hold an open house on Halloween; Mit...
  • Modern Family Season 4 Episode 4: The Butler's Escape | TVBuzer
    Phil can't accept that Luke wants to quit magic; Gloria's snoring keeps Jay and Manny awake; Mitch and Cam struggle to deal with their rever...
  • Modern Family Season 4 Episode 3: Snip | TVBuzer
    Episode 3
    Phil gets a vasectomy; Gloria and Jay can't agree on whether or not they should find out the sex of the baby; Mitchell tries to steer Camero...
  • Modern Family Season 4 Episode 2: Schooled | TVBuzer
    Episode 2
    Claire and Phil embarrass Haley when they drop her off at college; Manny makes Gloria and Jay take a class; Lily gets into a tussle on her f...
  • Modern Family Season 4 Episode 1: Bringing Up Baby | TVBuzer
    Phil takes Jay on an unconventional fishing trip; Gloria wonders how to break the news about her pregnancy; Dylan temporarily moves in with ...