• Modern Family Season 3 Episode 24: Baby on Board | TVBuzer
    Baby on Board
    Episode 24
    Gloria's bilingualism comes in handy on Mitchell and Cameron's quest to adopt another child. Meanwhile, Jay and Manny help Lily get ready fo...
  • Modern Family Season 3 Episode 23: Tableau Vivant | TVBuzer
    Tableau Vivant
    Episode 23
    Gloria and Jay bicker while trying to order lunch at a diner. Claire and Cam have different theories on how to discipline kids. Luke accepts...
  • Modern Family Season 3 Episode 22: Disneyland | TVBuzer
    Episode 22
    When the family travels to Disneyland, Phil struggles to keep up with Luke, Claire is shocked when they run into Dylan, Jay and Gloria disag...
  • Modern Family Season 3 Episode 21: Planes, Trains and Cars | TVBuzer
    Phil buys a car without consulting Claire. Jay is on a mission to get to his high-school reunion with Gloria and Manny. Lily loses her favor...
  • Modern Family Season 3 Episode 20: The Last Walt | TVBuzer
    The Last Walt
    Episode 20
    A visit from Cameron's father features an awkward dinner for Jay and Gloria at Mitchell and Cameron's house. Claire helps Luke face the deat...
  • Modern Family Season 3 Episode 19: Election Day | TVBuzer
    Election Day
    Episode 19
    Claire's race for town council comes to a head on Election Day as the Dunphys make phone calls for votes and Mitchell and Cameron take to th...
  • Modern Family Season 3 Episode 18: Send Out the Clowns | TVBuzer
    Cameron is reunited with his estranged ex-clown partner, Lewis. Phil is serious about landing a very important listing, only to be trumped b...
  • Modern Family Season 3 Episode 17: Leap Day | TVBuzer
    Leap Day
    Episode 17
    Mitchell feels pressured to make Cameron's birthday extra special. People start to question Jay's manliness, and the girls interfere with Ph...
  • Modern Family Season 3 Episode 16: Virgin Territory | TVBuzer
    It's a day of disturbing realizations when Mitchell manages to ruin one of Jay's proudest golf moments, Phil overhears something that may fo...
  • Modern Family Season 3 Episode 15: Aunt Mommy | TVBuzer
    Aunt Mommy
    Episode 15
    Phil and Claire go overboard with drinks, and divulging personal information, on a night out to celebrate the sale of a house to Mitchell an...
  • Modern Family Season 3 Episode 14: Me? Jealous? | TVBuzer
    Me? Jealous?
    Episode 14
    Phil's preoccupation with a business opportunity blinds him to his new partner's inappropriate behavior around Claire. Jay and Gloria may re...
  • Modern Family Season 3 Episode 13: Little Bo Bleep | TVBuzer
    Claire prepares for her debate with Duane Bailey. Mitch and Cam try to clean up Lily's language before her turn as a flower girl. Jay blames...
  • Modern Family Season 3 Episode 12: Egg Drop | TVBuzer
    Egg Drop
    Episode 12
    Jay and Claire take control of their kids' school projects from Manny and Luke, while Haley and Gloria help Phil with a real estate presenta...
  • Modern Family Season 3 Episode 11: Lifetime Supply | TVBuzer
    Phil contemplates the worst after missing a call from the doctor. Javier, Manny's biological father, pays another visit to take his son to t...
  • Modern Family Season 3 Episode 10: Express Christmas | TVBuzer
    The family puts together a quick Christmas celebration when they realize they won't be together on the actual day....
  • Modern Family Season 3 Episode 9: Punkin Chunkin | TVBuzer
    An old neighborhood kid returning to town as a internet billionaire gets Phil thinking of what could have been. Jay feels Manny could use so...
  • Modern Family Season 3 Episode 8: After the Fire | TVBuzer
    The Pritchetts rally for a good cause after a neighbor's house burns down, but there's a downside when Jay throws out his back, Cameron take...
  • Modern Family Season 3 Episode 7: Treehouse | TVBuzer
    Episode 7
    Gloria persuades Jay to commit to a night of salsa dancing after seeing how much his friend Shorty and his girlfriend do together. Cameron m...
  • Modern Family Season 3 Episode 6: Go Bullfrogs! | TVBuzer
    Go Bullfrogs!
    Episode 6
    Phil takes Haley to visit his alma mater. Claire goes out with Mitchell and Cameron. Gloria and Jay may have to broach a delicate subject wi...
  • Modern Family Season 3 Episode 5: Hit and Run | TVBuzer
    Hit and Run
    Episode 5
    Gloria tries to help Jay and Manny with their problems but both are unreceptive. Claire considers running against Councilman Duane Bailey. C...
  • Modern Family Season 3 Episode 4: Door to Door | TVBuzer
    Door to Door
    Episode 4
    Jay helps Manny with a school fundraiser. Claire petitions for a stop sign at a busy intersection. Phil and Luke try to create a viral video...
  • Modern Family Season 3 Episode 3: Phil on Wire | TVBuzer
    Phil on Wire
    Episode 3
    Jay's relationship with the dog irritates Gloria. Phil and Luke try to master the tightrope. Cameron starts a juice fast....
  • Modern Family Season 3 Episode 2: When Good Kids Go Bad | TVBuzer
    Lily has problems with Mitchell and Cameron's plans to adopt another child, Jay tries to get Manny to confess to stealing a locket at school...
  • Modern Family Season 3 Episode 1: Dude Ranch | TVBuzer
    Dude Ranch
    Episode 1
    While vacationing on Lost Creek Ranch, the three families try their hands at a little cattle herding, skeet shooting and horseback riding. T...