• Modern Family Season 2 Episode 24: The One That Got Away | TVBuzer
    Jay wants to go fishing on his birthday, but the family insists he have a big party, leading Claire and Mitchell to get trapped in their chi...
  • Modern Family Season 2 Episode 23: See You Next Fall | TVBuzer
    With the whole family gathered at Jay's before going to Alex's middle school graduation, Jay is hiding a botox mishap, Cameron is upset abou...
  • Modern Family Season 2 Episode 22: Good Cop, Bad Dog | TVBuzer
    Jay advises a dog trainer, while Phil and Claire switch parenting duties to the kids' chagrin. Mitchell has an extra Lady Gaga ticket when C...
  • Modern Family Season 2 Episode 21: Mother's Day | TVBuzer
    Mother's Day
    Episode 21
    Claire and Gloria's Mother's Day excursion with the kids turns into the mother of all disasters. Meanwhile, Phil and Jay share an awkward mo...
  • Modern Family Season 2 Episode 20: Someone to Watch Over Lily | TVBuzer
    Mitchell and Cameron assess their family members in trying to decide who would best take care of Lily should anything happen to them....
  • Modern Family Season 2 Episode 19: The Musical Man | TVBuzer
    Cameron is overzealous in his planning of the spring musical performance at Luke and Manny's school. Jay's brother visits while Phil convinc...
  • Modern Family Season 2 Episode 18: Boys' Night | TVBuzer
    Boys' Night
    Episode 18
    Phil and Claire are not pleased when Luke befriends a curmudgeonly old neighbor. To avoid an invite to the symphony with Gloria and Manny, J...
  • Modern Family Season 2 Episode 17: Two Monkeys and a Panda | TVBuzer
    Claire is run ragged trying to fix Haley and Alex's relationship. Gloria is horrified by Jay's plans to purchase themselves side-by-side cry...
  • Modern Family Season 2 Episode 16: Regrets Only | TVBuzer
    Regrets Only
    Episode 16
    After Phil and Claire have a huge fight, Gloria steps in to counsel Phil while Jay counsels Claire. Jay has some regret in buying Gloria a k...
  • Modern Family Season 2 Episode 15: Princess Party | TVBuzer
    Princess Party
    Episode 15
    Claire and Cameron are dismayed by the guest list for Lily's princess-themed birthday party. Then DeDe attends with Claire's old high school...
  • Modern Family Season 2 Episode 14: Bixby's Back | TVBuzer
    Bixby's Back
    Episode 14
    Claire and Phil decide to reprise their role-playing adventure from last year's Valentine's Day. Jay's surprise plans for Gloria keeps getti...
  • Modern Family Season 2 Episode 13: Caught in the Act | TVBuzer
    The kids get a surprise of their own when they take breakfast in bed to Phil and Claire on their anniversary. Jay and Gloria's Vegas vacatio...
  • Modern Family Season 2 Episode 12: Our Children, Ourselves | TVBuzer
    Phil and Claire pressure Alex to ease back on her school work, but begin to worry about their own intellectual drives. Jay is upset when Glo...
  • Modern Family Season 2 Episode 11: Slow Down Your Neighbors | TVBuzer
    Claire becomes a vigilante to catch a car that speeds though their streets. Phil tries to land an important listing with a difficult client,...
  • Modern Family Season 2 Episode 10: Dance Dance Revelation | TVBuzer
    At Luke and Manny's first school dance, Jay and Phil take them to the mall which turns disastrous, Claire's is jealous when Gloria joins the...
  • Modern Family Season 2 Episode 9: Mother Tucker | TVBuzer
    Mother Tucker
    Episode 9
    Mitchell tries to tell Cameron how he feels uncomfortable with his mom, Barb Tucker. Haley breaks up with Dylan to Phil's dismay and Claire'...
  • Modern Family Season 2 Episode 8: Manny Get Your Gun | TVBuzer
    Manny is depressed about his birthday. Phil and Claire engage in a not-so-friendly car race on the way to the party, and Mitch and Cam get s...
  • Modern Family Season 2 Episode 7: Chirp | TVBuzer
    Episode 7
    Claire and Haley are stuck at home sick. Gloria and Manny's surprise visit at work causes a headaches for Jay. Cameron is swept up by all th...
  • Modern Family Season 2 Episode 6: Halloween | TVBuzer
    Episode 6
    Claire gives each family member a role to play in spookifying the Dunphy house for Halloween, but Cameron hates Halloween due to a traumati...
  • Modern Family Season 2 Episode 5: Unplugged | TVBuzer
    Episode 5
    In an attempt to reconnect the family, Phil and Claire challenge them to see who can abstain from using their electronic devices the longest...
  • Modern Family Season 2 Episode 4: Strangers on a Treadmill | TVBuzer
    Claire tries to convince Phil that his realtors' banquet speech is unfunny. Mitchell tries to convince Cameron to change his wardrobe. Jay a...
  • Modern Family Season 2 Episode 3: Earthquake | TVBuzer
    Episode 3
    When an earthquake hits, Claire gets stuck in the bathroom with the plumber, Manny experiences an existential crisis while out with Jay, and...
  • Modern Family Season 2 Episode 2: The Kiss | TVBuzer
    The Kiss
    Episode 2
    Gloria decides to honor her late grandmother by cooking more traditional Colombian meals; Claire finds out Alex is interested in a boy; Mitc...
  • Modern Family Season 2 Episode 1: The Old Wagon | TVBuzer
    The Old Wagon
    Episode 1
    Phil finally agrees to sell the old station wagon but only after a family trip down memory lane; Cameron asks Jay for help when Mitchell dec...