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Meet Savi, a successful career woman working toward the next phase in her life -- both professional and personal -- simultaneously bucking for partner at her law firm while she and her husband, Harry, try to start a family of their own. Savi's free-spirited and capricious baby sister, Josselyn, couldn't be more different - living single, serial dating and partying, and regularl more
...y leaning on her big sister along the way. Their common best friend, April, a recent widow and mother of two, is rebuilding her life after tragedy and learning to move forward, with the support and guidance of her closest girlfriends. And friend Karen, a successful therapist with her own practice, reconnects with the girls after her involvement in a complicated relationship with a patient goes far too deep.
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Mistresses: SEASON 4, EPISODE 13: The Show Must Go On | TVBuzer

Aired: September 06,2016

Fast-forward several months, Joss and Harry, as well as April and Marc, are happily married and are new parents. Marc takes on the role of an overly concerned, overly attentive parent, while Harry is more hands-off as he tries to navigate how to be a father. Harry's world is turned upside down when he meets Gabe, someone from his past.... more

Mistresses LATEST REVIEWS | TVBuzer


Lean In

I never believed there would be a day when Karen Kim was my favorite character on this show, but that day has come on Mistresses Season 4 Episode 5. Struggling to promote her mildly successful book, Barbara landed Karen a gig on a popular podcast, where she was left humiliated and angry. But when offered another chance to appear, she slayed him, and educated him on what her story actually signified for women. more

Blurred Lines

Finally! Mistresses Season 4 Episode 4 begins to get back to what made this show so delectable last season: deception and secrets. Everyone struggles with their work lives, or lack thereof, which causes some problems in their personal lives. Karen's return to her practice is refreshing and much needed. Patient: I’ve never had an orgasm!Karen: Okay. Little bit of a problem. more

Under Pressure

The anger issues Joss has been secretly dealing with begin to come to light to everyone, even Joss herself, on Mistresses Season 4 Episode 3. But it's Joss, so any problems that may be occurring are pushed to the background as she puts on her strong, together facade. There's a fine line between self-empowerment and self-destruction. Doctor P... more



Mistresses: 'Mistresses' Season 3 Finale Recap: Will the Ladies Get Some Happy Endings? News | TVBuzer

'Mistresses' Season 3 Finale Recap: Will the Ladies Get Some Happy Endings?

One out of three isn't bad, unless of course you're the two that still can't get your life straightened out on Mistresses. In the season three finale, "Goodbye Girl," Joss, April and Karen are forced to look at their lives once again and make important decisions about their futures. Joss, freshly out of prison, seems to think Calista is stalking her. But after a visit to the fashion mogul in prison, it turns out Luca's real killer could still be on the loose. Meanwhile, Karen is forced to say goodbye to another lover and April realizes that she's in l... more

Mistresses: 'Mistresses' Recap: Joss and Calista Face Off in Prison News | TVBuzer

'Mistresses' Recap: Joss and Calista Face Off in Prison

With only one episode left this season, it looks like Mistresses will soon be wrapping up the whole "who killed Luca Raines" storyline. As far as the other ladies, April and Mark could be navigating some rough waters ahead now that Miranda is back home. And Karen could possibly be raising her child with just Alec when Vivian finds out that her body is rejecting Karen's stem cells. But we all know the ladies will pull through, they've certainly been through a lot in the past. What's In a Plea? Now t... more

Mistresses: 'Mistresses' Recap: April Sees the Light News | TVBuzer

'Mistresses' Recap: April Sees the Light

As one door closes, another one opens. Unfortunately for the ladies of Mistresses, what's behind door #2 isn't that great in "Guilty By Association." Joss hopes new evidence that Daniel finds is enough to prove her innocence, April struggles with whether to tell Blair about her one-night stand with Daniel and Karen sees something that makes up her mind about raising her baby with Alec and Vivian. The Truth Comes Out And It's Not Good The evidence that Daniel finds on Calista's neighbor's surveillan... more


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    When is going to be on air the next episode?


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    The next episode actually airs on the 19th, not the 12th. The countdown is a week too soon.


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