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The series chronicles the unusual lives, romance and pop culture trajectory of William Masters and Virginia Johnson. Their research touched off the sexual revolution and took them from a mid-western teaching hospital in St. Louis to the cover of Time magazine.
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Masters of Sex: SEASON 4, EPISODE 10: The Eyes of God | TVBuzer

Aired: November 13,2016

Masters and Johnson work to save the practice from disintegrating in the face of insurrection within the clinic. As everyone in their lives either moves on or falls away, Bill and Virginia find solace in one another. Series finale.... more

Masters of Sex LATEST REVIEWS | TVBuzer



Bill and Virginia have always considered themselves able to see the truth in their clients. However, they may not be as clever as they think they are. On Masters of Sex Season 4 Episode 2, Bill and Virginia took on the task of working with new associates, but their new colleagues may turn out to be more than they bargained for. Elsewhere in the episode, Libby finally unleashed her truth to Bill, and Virginia crossed the line with her former therapist.  After ... more

The Pleasure Protocol

It's about time, Bill Masters! You've finally begun to see the light.  It may have taken Bill more than a decade to find some clarity, but he's finally begun to understand just how dysfunctional his desire for Virginia actually is.  Elsewhere in Masters of Sex Season 4 Episode 3, Bill and Virginia worked with their new associates, and Libby met a handsome stranger. It's amazing how the tables have turned in the never-ending saga of Bill and Virginia's relati... more

Coats or Keys

It's the swinging 60's, so it's about time everyone found themselves invited to a swingers party. Art and Nancy's key party (or more accurately coat party) set the stage for unexpected pairings on Masters of Sex Season 4 Episode 4. Each pairing was in service of where every character is on their journey right now. This was favorite episode of the season so far. As the episode began, we saw all the characters in various locations and states of dress. Flashing back 24 hour... more



Masters of Sex: 2016 Emmy Award Nominations: 'Thrones' and 'O.J.' Lead, 'Americans' and 'black-ish' Break Through News | TVBuzer

2016 Emmy Award Nominations: 'Thrones' and 'O.J.' Lead, 'Americans' and 'black-ish' Break Through

The 2016 Emmy Award nominations were announced Thursday morning, with Game of Thrones and The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story leading all programs with 23 and 22 nominations. It was another huge year for Game of Thrones, which picked up FIVE Supporting Actor and Actress nominations for Peter Dinklage, more

Masters of Sex: 'Billions' Review: Money, Power and an All-Star Cast News | TVBuzer

'Billions' Review: Money, Power and an All-Star Cast

Sometimes you just need to look at a new TV show's cast list to decide if it's going to be any good. Billions, Showtime's new drama premiering Sunday, January 17 at 10pm, stars Homeland Emmy-winner Damian Lewis, Oscar nominee Paul Giamatti, more

Masters of Sex: Rob Benedict Talks 'Kings of Con' and the Return of Chuck on 'Supernatural' News | TVBuzer

Rob Benedict Talks 'Kings of Con' and the Return of Chuck on 'Supernatural'

Any fan of The CW's hit series Supernatural can tell you a few things: Everybody loves Bobby. Kevin didn't deserve it. And Chuck was God. I spoke with Rob Benedict about his new show Kings of Con, God in Supernatural season 11, and what to expect from his band, Louden Swain. In Kings of Con, you play more exaggerated versions of yourselves; is that an easy role to play? T... more


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