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Award-winning chef Gordon Ramsay, acclaimed chef Aarón Sánchez and renowned restaurateur Joe Bastianich put a new batch of talented home cooks through a series of challenges and elimination rounds.
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'MasterChef' Interview: How Does Frontrunner Derrick Peltz Keep His Cool?

Most people wearing Derrick Peltz's apron would be visibly nervous after Gordon Ramsay named him the MasterChef contestant to beat. But if he's feeling stress, you'd never know it, as he knocks out plate after winning plate of food. I spoke with the professional drummer and lifelong cook from his home in Marina Del Rey, California, last week, following the end of filming. A View from Above Guides his S... more Comments

'MasterChef' Recap: New and Improved TV Dinners

MasterChef's 7th episode opens to what may be very interesting! The home cooks look to be faced with the ultimate quick and easy dinner, frozen food. But will it really be turkey? Come on, I don't believe the commercials any more. As I watch the show, I hope this isn't the quick fire but the elimination challenge. Mystery Challenge On entering the kitchen, our MasterChefs are greeted by Ramsay, Elliott and Tosi who have the mystery boxes waiting. The boxes contain everything for ... breakfast? Wa... more Comments

'MasterChef' Interview: Katrina Kozar Sticks a Fork in Her Old Self-Doubt

Not many MasterChef contestants impress the usually intimidating Gordon Ramsay so much that he asks why they didn't audition five years before. To that vanishingly small number, you can add the name Katrina Kozar. The Milwaukee native chalks up her late start to a lack of confidence. But since getting that first glowing review from Chef Ramsay, her self-assurance has blossomed -- even when facing some tough breaks in the ... more Comments

'MasterChef': Two Teams, Two Proteins, One Winner

MasterChef has already seen the departure of the youngest chef. Now the remaining home cooks must prove why they deserve the title. Are any of these already qualified to be MasterChef? Have any of them impressed you with their cooking? Will any of MasterChefs do so in this episode? It's time to see as we're off and running. Vegas or Bust The MasterChef crew tonight travels to Las Vegas. Good thing our high school student left last week because this is Vegas, baby. As the ... more Comments

'MasterChef' Interview: Amanda Saab Dishes on Cooking for a Cause

Bright lights. Time clocks. Unfamiliar ingredients. Those are just a few of the pressures cooking-show contestants face. Now consider MasterChef's Amanda Saab. She handles those pressures with a smile -- all while representing her beliefs on national television.  Beneath that sunny exterior, however, you'll find a self-possessed young woman determined to use her cooking skills to help those less fortunate than herself. She recently spoke with me from her home in Seattle, Washing... more Comments

'MasterChef' Recap: No One's Crabby in the Kitchen

MasterChef has some interesting characters this year. While I'm not exactly happy with Tosi as a judge for the show,  she does bring an interesting perspective to the judging team. Can she loosen up as these home chefs work with crab? Should we be worried? And we're off on another edition of MasterChef. The Crab Challenge The chefs get off to a fast start with crab almost before the intro finishes. Ramsay is surprised how good the set smells. He can smell Cajun spices which he likes.... more Comments

Interview: Graham Elliot on the New Dynamic of 'MasterChef' and His New 'Crazy' Venture

In the world of competition shows, how special is MasterChef star Graham Elliot? For one thing, he has the gift of making contestants feel respected, even when they get the boot. He hits that judging sweet spot between pushover and harasser-in-chief (you know who I'm talking about, cough, Gordon Ramsay, cough). With MasterChef season 6 just underway, Elliot recently took time out of ... more Comments

'MasterChef': Surprise! Your Kitchen Comes Back to Haunt You

Last week MasterChef cut the field to 22 chefs. Now it's time for them to show their talent and skill. Do these home chefs have what it takes to win MasterChef? Will the judges be lenient? How will this new judge fit in the mix? The Competition Begins With a Mystery Box As the MasterChef enters the kitchen studio, there is excitement and nerves. Everyone wants it so bad and Tosi is the big unknown. As they get to their stations, we're ready for them to begin. The very fi... more Comments

'Masterchef' Season Premiere: Christina Tosi Joins the Judges

With MasterChef you get the best of the best in home cooks. The question is though what does the MasterChef judges want? With new judge, Christina Tosi, on the panel, the stakes have changed. MasterChef will also cut the chefs from 40 to 22 in their first two hours. Who will stay and who will go? Will a clear favorite emerge? The Top 40 Chefs Meet the Competition From across America, Gordon Ramsay has brought the best of the best to Los Ang... more Comments

FOX Sets Summer 2015 Premiere Dates for 'MasterChef,' 'SYTYCD' and More

FOX is planning a reality-heavy summer line-up for 2015 with new seasons of MasterChef and So You Think You Can Dance, the return of Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? and a new trivia game show called Boom! ... more Comments

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