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Award-winning chef Gordon Ramsay, acclaimed chef Aarón Sánchez and renowned restaurateur Joe Bastianich put a new batch of talented home cooks through a series of challenges and elimination rounds.
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The 12 Worst Dishes of 'MasterChef' Season 8

MasterChef is a show for home cooks getting a chance to elevate their dishes and learn from world-renowned chefs. For some it's an opportunity to get into a restaurant, for others it's just a way to perfect their cooking skills. So it's only natural that there are going to be good, bad and ugly dishes that the contestants present to the judges. Usually, the bad dishes show up early in the season. However, in season 8, there were some pretty terrible dishes all the way through to the semi-finals. Here's a list of the 12 worst dishes... more Comments

Why 'MasterChef' Doesn't Need More Cliffhanger Endings

Do you know why I like MasterChef? Because it's the same formula each season. A certain amount of wanna-be contestants try out. A certain amount make the cut. And then each week someone goes home until a winner is crowned. The challenges are the same. There are no live shows. There are no cliffhangers.  For me it works. I like it. I watch it every week because I want to see who cooks what, and who eventually gets cut. I certainly don't think MasterChef needs more cliffhangers like the one in "Vegas Deluxe & Oyster Shu... more Comments

'MasterChef' Poll: Which Challenge Is the Hardest?

There are a bunch of different challenges on MasterChef, including the pressure test, the elimination challenge, the mystery box challenge and the team challenges. And let's face it, they are all pretty difficult, but which one is the hardest? Each contestant will probably have a different answer, which is why I've ranked them from one to five, with one being what I would think would be the hardest in the MasterChef kitchen. 5. Mystery Box Challenge These challenges are the luck of the d... more Comments

Are 'MasterChef' Challenges Becoming Too Basic?

In the first challenge for the Top 20 on season 8 of MasterChef, the contestants had a grocery bag filled with 12 ingredients any home cook would have on their shopping list, such as chicken, potatoes and ground beef. They could make any dish they wanted with the ingredients, as well as the staple pantry box, and it seems that most relied heavily on that pantry box. So, was there an actual challenge in the mystery box challenge? Could the basic challenge mean the rest of season 8 will be easy for the contestants, or will it get harder for them as ... more Comments

Meet the Top 20 of 'MasterChef' Season 8

When season 8 of MasterChef began, 40 chefs entered the competition hoping to make it to the Top 20. Over the course of two episodes , they went straight to work in the kitchen. Gordon Ramsay, Christina Tosi and Aaron Sanchez judged their dishes -- and 20 were given a white apron and advanced to the next round. Only one of these 20 contestants will win the $250,000 grand prize, along with a... more Comments

FOX Sets Summer 2017 Premiere Dates for 'SYTYCD,' 'Love Connection' and More

FOX is giving viewers a ton of reality TV options for 2017, setting premiere dates for seven different reality shows. The line-up includes four new shows plus staples like So You Think You Can Dance and MasterChef. FOX's summer begins Thursday, May 25 with the series premieres of Love Connection and Beat Shazam. Lo... more Comments

The 8 Worst Dishes Ever on 'MasterChef'

MasterChef has seen its fair share of incredible dishes. It's also seen some of the worst-looking things you can imagine, which make you wonder what these chefs were even thinking. Granted, Gordon's description of the dishes might plant that idea in your head, but the visual of the dish doesn't lie. We've seen some horrible-looking dishes on MasterChef, to hilarious effect. Let's look back at 8 of the worst... more Comments

'MasterChef Junior' Recap: Who Made it to the Top 10?

On this episode of MasterChef Junior, "Blind Ambition," the cooks face a unique challenge when they are asked to replicate a dish. The chefs do their first full restaurant service, catering to some very special guests. The remaining 12 home cooks enter the kitchen eager to compete in the next Mystery Box Challenge. When they lift their boxes, there are no ingredients, just a blindfold. Gordon instructs them to grab their blindfolds and take a seat up fr... more Comments

'MasterChef Junior' Recap: The Cooks Construct a Tasty Pastry

On this episode of MasterChef Junior, "Happy Birthday," the home cooks cater a birthday party with some very special guests. The pressure test has the contestants constructing a complicated French dessert. The remaining 16 home cooks are going on a field trip to a ranch in Malibu, CA. They arrive at a very special birthday party complete with rides and a bouncy house. Addison LOVES a good bouncy house, so much so, she wishes she could live in one all the time. Win this com... more Comments

'MasterChef Junior' Recap: The Home Cooks Compete in a Space-Themed Challenge

In this episode of MasterChef Junior, "One Small Step," a themed challenge forces the chefs to create space-tacular cheese dishes. Working with fish forces the home cooks to sink or swim. The kids enter the MasterChef kitchen will their usual enthusiasm and get even more tweaked when they spy with their little eyes a huge mystery box. Inside are the judges dressed as astronauts; viewers know this first chal... more Comments

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