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Award-winning chef Gordon Ramsay, acclaimed chef Aarón Sánchez and renowned restaurateur Joe Bastianich put a new batch of talented home cooks through a series of challenges and elimination rounds.
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Masterchef Episode Guide


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AIRED ON September 18,2019

Season 10: Episode 25


  • Season 10
  • Season 9
    • 09/19/18
      The home cook with the best overall menu is crowned the winner wih a prize of a quarter of a million dollars and the coveted title of Master...
    • 09/19/18
      The 3 remaining home cooks face their final challenge when they are each asked to prepare a 3-course menu for the judges....
    • The Semi Final
      Episode 21
      The final 4 are split into 2 teams, and need to cook one incredible entree for the judges' mentors: Chefs Daniel Boulud, Jonathan Waxman, an...
    • 09/12/18
      The Top 5 home cooks face a series of pressure-filled skills tests using an incredibly common protein - beef. The judges decide which contes...
    • 09/05/18
      The remaining 5 cooks receive a heart-warming mystery box challenge in which contestants create a dish inspired by their loved ones....
    • 09/05/18
      The Top 6 face the Restaurant Takeover Challenge at Providence in Los Angeles. The home cooks split into 2 teams and must feed a dining room...
    • 08/29/18
      The 7 remaining contestants face a Mystery Box challenge filled with waste - literally. The home cook who makes the best dish from food scra...
    • 08/29/18
      The 8 remaining home cooks divide into 2 teams and race against the clock to serve restaurant-quality dishes to 25 California firefighters. ...
    • Tag Team
      Episode 15
      The contestants are told they will be competing in the dreaded Tag Team Challenge....
    • 08/22/18
      The remaining home cooks are split into 2 teams and are tasked with serving 100 dishes to hungry airmen in celebration of the 100th annivers...
    • 08/15/18
      The Top 12 face their third skills test in the MasterChef kitchen and replicate the proper way to break down a halibut. Those who fail to im...
    • Frying Tonight
      Episode 12
      The Top 13 contestants face a mystery box challenge with a stockpot and cooking oil and are tasked with making a dish that features a deep-f...
    • 08/01/18
      The Top 14 contestants are split into 2 teams to compete in a fine-dining challenge to cook 39 dishes for a group of very discerning judges....
    • Rise or Fall
      Episode 10
      The remaining home cooks pair up for a skills test to create a restaurant-quality dish featuring five ingredients, with the 15th contestant ...
    • 07/18/18
      The contestants face a mystery box filled with fresh seafood and must create a dish using 2 items from it. The chefs who fail to impress the...
    • 07/11/18
      The contestants head to Malibu, California, and cook for Season 7 winner Shaun O'Neale's wedding - with Gordon Ramsay officiating! After spl...
    • 06/27/18
      The contestants face a mystery box challenge where they must create a dish using one common ingredient - walnuts. The winner receives 3 huge...
    • 06/20/18
      The Top 20 chefs face the first team challenge of the season at the Anheuser Busch brewery. Teams must cook a beer-infused lunch for more th...
    • 06/13/18
      In the first skills test of the season, Gordon teaches the home cooks how to properly break down a crab before the contestants must replicat...
    • 06/06/18
      In the first mystery box challenge of the season, the Top 24 must prep, cook, and plate one dish featuring an ingredient unique to each of t...
    • 06/06/18
      Forty-three of America's finest home cooks compete in the MasterChef Battle of the Apron challenge, during which they face off against each ...
    • 05/30/18
      The three judges each choose eight home cooks to mentor throughout the competition....
    • 05/30/18
      Forty-three home cooks compete to earn a spot in the top 24....
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