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Set in the morally grey world of assisted suicide, "Mary Kills People" is an intense, controversial, and thought-provoking drama. The series follows Dr. Mary Harris, a single mother and emergency doctor by day, who also moonlights as an underground angel of death — helping terminally ill patients who want to die and slip away on their own terms. So far Mary has managed to st more
...ay under the radar; but business is booming, and her double life is getting complicated. When her world starts to unravel, Mary realizes she’s going to have to fight dirty if she’s going to stay in the killing game.
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Mary Kills People: SEASON 3, EPISODE 6: A Goddamned Saint | TVBuzer

Aired: June 16,2019

Following a murder at the hospice, Mary and Ben have 24 hours to convince the police that Frances is the real killer.... more

Mary Kills People LATEST REVIEWS | TVBuzer


Ride or Die

Truth is tricky and on Mary Kills People Season 2 Episode 4 there are many ways that truth is revealed. Things always go most smoothly when Des and Mary are on the same page. When they meet in the diner, Des is obviously upset by what they've done by killing Travis Bloom. You know, I've been to jail but I've never actually felt like a criminal. But now, the packaging matches what's inside. Des more

Twin Flames

The pace of the season slows down a bit with Mary Kills People Season 2 Episode 3 which, honestly, is a bit of a relief because there's a lot to process. Mary Kills People Season 2 Episode 2 ended with an amazing cliffhanger shot of Ben catching Mary as she attempts to sneak out of the Bloom house with the poisoned rum after chickening out of murdering Travis Bloom. So when we see her marching down the warehouse corridor to meet Olivia at the appointed time, we have no idea w... more

The Connection

Everyone gets their hands dirty (or dirtier) on Mary Kills People Season 2 Episode 2 and it's a helluva wild ride. No other show would even attempt to cram the Big Bad shooting a henchman in the head, the ex-partner setting up a new business venture, the Big Secret leaking (again), two clients crossing over, the undercover cop from last season reappearing, AND the teen finding a new love interest all into one episode. And yet, Mary Kills People manages to take all that ... more



Mary Kills People: MARY KILLS PEOPLE Returns March 12 On Lifetime News | TVBuzer

MARY KILLS PEOPLE Returns March 12 On Lifetime

Following a ground-breaking first season and named one of the most critically acclaimed shows of 2017, Lifetime’s compelling and provocative drama series Mary Kills People about an ER doctor who serves as an angel of death helping people die with dignity, returns March 12, at 9pm ET/PT, joining UnREAL as part of Lifetime’s premium scripted block. UnREAL debuts February 26 at 10pm, featuring a female suitress, while thriller Mary Kills People hits the air two weeks late... more

Mary Kills People: Lifetime Renews UnREAL And MARY KILLS PEOPLE News | TVBuzer


Lifetime ups its premium scripted content with new season greenlights of the critically-acclaimed drama series UnREAL for a fourth season and freshman drama Mary Kills People for a season two, it was announced today by Liz Gateley, EVP and Head of Programming for Lifetime. The renewal of UnREAL comes ahead of its much-anticipated third season, which will debut in early 2018 alongside more


Mary Kills People FAN COMMENTS (2)

  • Level 32
    love this new t.v. drama which focuses on the controversial issue of Dr.assisted suicides for terminally ill patients. each episode leaves you wanting more! disappointed that season one has ended after only 6 episodes!! we want MORE!!
    luv Dr. Mary......


  • Level 14
    I agree 150%! have you heard if it's been picked up for another season? OMG I really hope so as they've done a spectacular job portraying a topic that is generally swept under the rug or...taboo! simply l9vin this show! I knew I wasn't the only one, lol!


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