Manhattan Love Story

Aired: Dec 01, 2014 , Tuesday at 20:30 on hulu


Episode Summary: Peter is embarrassed by his family and doesn't invite Dana to Thanksgiving until he knows she has plans to go home and can't make it.
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CBS Cancels 'The Millers'

In a surprise move, CBS has cancelled its sophomore comedy The Millers, after airing just four episodes of its second season. The show will still air Monday, November 17 at 8:30pm, but it is unclear if any more of the episodes already filmed will air as well The show will still film one more episode before shutting down production. While many had predicted that CBS might cancel another family comedy ( The McCart... more

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FOX's huge reality experiment is officially dead. After two months of low ratings, the network has pulled the plug on Utopia. The live feeds are down, the show will stop airing immediately and the residents will be informed and sent home. The reality show saw a group of pioneers living in an isolated community and trying to form their own perfect society with limited resources. The plan was for the show to run an entire year, but horrible ratings led to it getting shut down af... more


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