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A contractor learns that parenting his three young children may be the most difficult job he’s ever had. When Adam’s wife goes back to work, he’s overwhelmed by his new responsibilities at home, but with the encouragement of his wife and a few equally stressed-out parents, Adam regroups, lays down the law and starts figuring out his new life.
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Man with a Plan Episode Guide | TVBuzer

Man with a Plan Episode Guide


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AIRED ON June 11,2020

Season 4: Episode 13


  • Season 4
  • Season 3
  • Season 2
  • Season 1
    • Buzzer Beater
      Episode 22
      In the season finale, Adam and Andi toy with the idea of having another baby when Don and Marcy's newborn grandson comes for a visit....
    • 05/08/17
      When Adam and Andi discover Kate is lying to them about her whereabouts, they hatch a plan to catch her....
    • Dirty Money
      Episode 20
      When Adam and Andi borrow money from Joe to help with a cash flow problem, they soon regret it....
    • Spring Fling
      Episode 19
      When a client doesn't want Don to attend a big meeting, Adam goes to great lengths to protect his brother's feelings. Also, Andi kisses up t...
    • The Blame Game
      Episode 18
      Adam and Don discover a sneaky way of getting out of trouble with their wives....
    • Doctor No
      Episode 17
      When Adam convinces his stubborn father to finally go to the doctor, he learns a few things his dad didn't want him to know....
    • The A Team
      Episode 16
      Adam and Andi are shocked when they finally meet Lowell's wife, Jen....
    • 02/27/17
      When Adam's parents visit unannounced, they reveal surprising plans for their future living arrangements,...
    • 02/20/17
      When Kate is asked out on her first date, Adam can't curb his overprotective ways. Also, Don enlists Lowell's help to buy the perfect annive...
    • 02/13/17
      When Adam and Andi's babysitter cancels on Valentine's Day, they try to survive leaving Kate in charge at home for the first time. Also, Don...
    • 02/06/17
      When Andi forces Adam to hang out with Lowell, Don feels left out and Andi has to make peace between them. Also, Mrs. Rodriguez reveals to A...
    • The Talk
      Episode 11
      When Adam and Andi have the dreaded 'talk' with Teddy and Kate, their awkward approach makes the kids horribly uncomfortable....
    • 01/16/17
      When Andi and Marcy realize they were rivals in high school, Adam and Don are dragged into the feud and forced to take sides....
    • 01/02/17
      Adam tries to pretend he's not jealous when he discovers Andi has a close friend at work....
    • Adam Steps Up
      Episode 8
      When Adam's oldest daughter experiences a momentous occasion while Andi is unavailable, he tries to keep his cool and gingerly guide her thr...
    • 12/12/16
      When a blizzard prevents the Burns family from visiting the grandparents' house for Christmas, Adam and Andi scramble to avoid an epic holid...
    • The Holey War
      Episode 6
      When none of the kids will confess to putting a hole in the wall, Adam and Andi team up to find the guilty one....
    • Thanksgiving
      Episode 5
      Andi has a hard time not taking over when Adam tackles organizing the school's big Thanksgiving feast with Don and Lowell....
    • Un-Dressed
      Episode 4
      When Don encourages Adam to clean out his cluttered garage and turn it into a man cave, Adam panics when he thinks he donated one of Andi's ...
    • 11/07/16
      When Adam gets fed up with endless demands from his daughter's kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Rodriguez, he makes a hasty decision that lands hi...
    • 10/31/16
      When Adam's client offers him two highly coveted tickets to a Pittsburgh Steelers game, he is stuck between choosing to take his wife, Andi,...
    • Pilot
      Episode 1
      In the series premiere, Adam, a contractor starts spending more time with his three kids when his wife, Andi, goes back to work and discover...
  • Special
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