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Lucifer, the original fallen angel, is bored and unhappy in Hell and decides to retire to Los Angeles and open an upscale nightclub. After a murder takes place outside his club, he meets an intriguing homicide detective named Chloe, and partners up with her to solve cases.
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Lucifer: SEASON 5, EPISODE 8: Spoiler Alert | TVBuzer

Aired: August 21,2020

Chloe learns a serial killer may have embellished his crimes. Amenadiel worries about his son's health. Pete opens up to Ella.... more



Our Mojo

Ah, the morning after. In Lucifer Season 5 Episode 7, Lucifer and Chloe finally sleep together after years of pent up sexual tension. It seems hell has finally frozen over. Lucifer: Are you cold?Chloe: Cold? No, why?Lucifer: Odd, given that Hell was supposed to freeze over.Chloe: Right, ‘cause I said that I wouldn’t have sex with you until Hell… yes, yes, you think you’re very funny. more

Spoiler Alert

The first half of season five has come to a close and wow, there is so much to unpack. Dan has done as the archangel Michael has directed him, and shot Lucifer. Chloe is not happy. Chloe: What the hell are you doing?! Dan: What am I doing? What are you doing? He’s the Devil, and you’ve known about it all this time?Lucifer: I have never hidden my devil-ness from anyone. ... more

It Never Ends Well for the Chicken

Chloe got a major bomb dropped on her and it seems she's not yet over it. In Lucifer Season 5 Episode 4, Trixie shows up to Lucifer's without her mom for game night.  First things first, YAY for more Trixie content. Trixie: Grown-up problems. Not interested. Also, who cares where my mom is?Lucifer: Well, me for one.Trixie: It’s game night, and Trixie’s in the house. more



Lucifer: 'Lucifer' Bosses on Bringing Michael and God Into the Story, If Coronavirus and Police Reform Will Follow in Final Season News | TVBuzer

'Lucifer' Bosses on Bringing Michael and God Into the Story, If Coronavirus and Police Reform Will Follow in Final Season

SPOILER ALERT: Do not read if you have not watched the first half of “Lucifer” Season 5, streaming now on Netflix. Oh my God — after five seasons, “Lucifer” officially introduced dear old Dad, AKA the Almighty (played by Dennis Haysbert), into the storyline. The move, while seismic for the series, was done when the show’s writers and producers thought Season 5, its second year on Netflix, would be the final run for the show. The resul... more

Lucifer: TV News Roundup: Netflix Reveals 'Lucifer' Season 5 Trailer (Watch) News | TVBuzer

TV News Roundup: Netflix Reveals 'Lucifer' Season 5 Trailer (Watch)

RENEWALS UMC has announced the renewal of four original series: “Craig Ross Jr.’s Monogamy,” “A House Divided,” “Stuck With You” and “Double Cross.” “Craig Ross Jr.’s Monogamy” and “A House Divided” will be returning for their third seasons, whereas “Stuck With You” and “Double Cross” have been renewed for second seasons. The renewals are due to the rapid growth of ... more

Lucifer: 'Lucifer' Renewed for Sixth and Final Season at Netflix News | TVBuzer

'Lucifer' Renewed for Sixth and Final Season at Netflix

“Lucifer” will live on, with Netflix announcing that they have renewed the show for a sixth and final season. The announcement was made on social media Tuesday morning. This now marks the second time the show has been renewed for a “final” season at Netflix. After airing on Fox for three years before being canceled, Netflix revived it for a fourth season in 2018. It was announced last year that Season 5 would be the last. The show made a tongue-in-cheek reference to its surp... more


Lucifer FAN COMMENTS (2)

  • Level 14
    I absolutely love Lucifer....thank u guys. I can't wait for the detective to know the truth. Tom welding[my favorite from smallville] is going to make lucifer life a living hell, because somehow i think he's the sinner man after the conversation they had the first time meeting,there is something strange n weird about Anyway, it's going
    to affect lucifer big time if Tom is behind taking his devil face and his girl.,i wonder how that will play out ALSO am dying to see both brothers with wings and working together.


  • Level 1
    I've been an avid watcher of Lucifer since it aired in Australia. We're only up to episode 3 of season 2 which aired tonight on FX on Foxtel. It's one of my favourite shows by far. I love its humour despite all the seriousness of it. The producers give you time to let one big occurrence sink in before they fly another one at you which I like.