Living with Yourself

Aired: Oct 18, 2019 , Friday at 3:00 on Netflix

New Series

Episode Summary: When both versions of Miles agree to divide and conquer their collective life, the original has a hard time sharing responsibilities.
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Paul Rudd and the 'Living With Yourself' Directors Share Their Key Behind-the-Scenes Secrets

Paul Rudd, he’ll have you know, is not a method actor. But that didn’t stop the “Living With Yourself” star from exhibiting a few character-specific traits — when the cameras weren’t rolling — during production on the new Netflix series. The show centers around a burnt-out, dissatisfied suburbanite named Miles Elliot (Rudd) who attempts to get his mojo back via a strip... more

Performer of the Week: Lizzy Caplan

THE PERFORMER | Lizzy Caplan THE SHOW | Castle Rock THE EPISODE | “Let the River Run” (Oct. 23, 2019) THE PERFORMANCE  more

How a Recurring Childhood Nightmare Inspired 'Living With Yourself'

When writer and producer Timothy Greenberg was a child, he used to have a recurring nightmare. In it, he was sitting at his family’s kitchen table when the doorbell would ring and suddenly he would feel terrified, with his heart racing. His father would open the door, and there was another young Greenberg at the door. Something about that concept scared him then and stuck with him enough throughout the years that he revisited it in multiple story ideas, finally selling it as “Living Wi... more


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