Life Sentence

Aired: Jun 08, 2018 , Friday at 21:00 on The CW

New Series

Episode Summary: Stella is desperate to talk to Wes, but a problem at the bar keeps getting in the way; Stella discovers some concerning information about Wes; Peter and Ida celebrate their last anniversary in an unusual way.
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4 Reasons 'Life Sentence' Should Drop the Love Triangle

Just three episodes in and Life Sentence has already hinted at a potential love triangle between Stella, Wes and Dr. Will Grant. After connecting with the new cancer doctor, it turns out that he likes her as more than a friend. Just as he's about to ask her on a date, she mentions her husband and he comments about wishing he'd met her earlier. While love triangles have worked for a lot of other CW shows, such as The... more

7 Signs The CW's 'Life Sentence' Will Cure Your Winter Blues

In May of 2017 The CW released the trailer for their upcoming new series Life Sentence . After months of waiting and re-watching the trailer, we're breaking down the seven reasons to get excited for next month's premiere. 1. The Creators The brains behind Life Sentence know a thing or two about hit shows. Creators and writers Erin Cardillo and Richard Keith a... more


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