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When Stella discovers that her terminal cancer is cured, she will have to learn to live with all the decisions she has made when she decided to "live as if she were dying."
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Life Sentence: SEASON 1, EPISODE 13: Then and Now | TVBuzer

Aired: June 15,2018

Stella posts an online video about Wes that sparks confusion about the future. Peter decides to follow his heart. Aiden looks for a business solution.... more

Life Sentence LATEST REVIEWS | TVBuzer


Our Father the Hero

It's hard to get too angry at Life Sentence. It means well and it's trying its best to lure those who want a Parenthood lite series to watch each week with unfathomably attractive actors at the heart of the drama. But it needed to be a limited series or a film. It needed, more accurately, a definitive start and end date.  If it ever felt as if the showrunners had a long-term, endgame plan for any of the characters, maybe it would be able to inspire a greater sense of confidence.  more

Ida Overstays Her Welcome

The sixth episode of freshman dramedy Life Sentence, titled "Who Framed Stella Abbott" is filled with Abbott antics. Stella starts having sexual fantasies about Dr.Grant, Aiden gets a real job, and Ida overstays her welcome with Lizzie and Diego. Oh, and someone gets arrested! Want to know who? Keep reading.Back in The GrooveStella and Wes are finally getting back in their groove after the visit from Wes' ex-fiancee Pippa. They spend a date night out at the movies to put i... more

Who Framed Stella Abbott?

Life Sentence has an Aidan problem. Life Sentence Season 1 Episode 6 also has a Stella problem and Who Framed Stella Abbot demonstrates this clearly. In Aidan, they're starting a character journey having jumped past the context of what made him who he is today, leaving us filling in the empty spaces and relying on exposition. With Stella, they're restarting her life anew which means that her troubles of naivete are relatable but also frustrating as she remains self-centered and... more



Life Sentence: 4 Reasons 'Life Sentence' Should Drop the Love Triangle News | TVBuzer

4 Reasons 'Life Sentence' Should Drop the Love Triangle

Just three episodes in and Life Sentence has already hinted at a potential love triangle between Stella, Wes and Dr. Will Grant. After connecting with the new cancer doctor, it turns out that he likes her as more than a friend. Just as he's about to ask her on a date, she mentions her husband and he comments about wishing he'd met her earlier. While love triangles have worked for a lot of other CW shows, such as The... more

Life Sentence: 7 Signs The CW's 'Life Sentence' Will Cure Your Winter Blues News | TVBuzer

7 Signs The CW's 'Life Sentence' Will Cure Your Winter Blues

In May of 2017 The CW released the trailer for their upcoming new series Life Sentence . After months of waiting and re-watching the trailer, we're breaking down the seven reasons to get excited for next month's premiere. 1. The Creators The brains behind Life Sentence know a thing or two about hit shows. Creators and writers Erin Cardillo and Richard Keith a... more


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