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Based out of the New York City Police Department's 16th precinct in Manhattan, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (SVU) delves into the dark side of the NYC underworld as the detectives investigate and prosecute various sexually oriented crimes including rape, pedophilia, and domestic violence. They also investigate the abuses of children, the disabled and elderly victims of non more
...-sexual crimes who require specialist handling, all while trying to balance the effects of the investigation on their own lives as they try not to let the dark side of these crimes affect them. Its stories also touch on the political and societal issues associated with gender identity, sexual preferences, and equality rights. The unit also works with the Manhattan District Attorney's office as they prosecute cases and seek justice for victims. The series often uses stories that are "ripped from the headlines" or based on real crimes. Such episodes take a real crime and fictionalize it by changing some details.
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Law & Order: SVU: SEASON 22, EPISODE 6: The Long Arm of the Witness | TVBuzer

Aired: January 21,2021

Carisi takes on a powerful judge when he inexplicably dismisses the rape case of a university student.... more



SVU Season 22 Episode 6 Review

Law & Order: SVU delivered exactly what people needed. The violence and divisiveness surrounding the recent election in the United States have left many wondering if justice is still a thing, especially when it comes to the powerful and well-connected. On Law & Order: SVU Season 22 Episode 6, at least, the good guys won despite some shenanigans from a corrupt judge and his lawyer, and that gave viewers a much-needed boost of hope. Judge Gallagher was a... more

SVU Season 22 Episode 4 Review

Happy New Year, SVU fanatics! Law & Order: SVU Season 22 Episode 4 addressed everyone's grief and shock over the painful year that just passed and started 2021 with a case that had no easy answers. As an additional bonus, Barba came back to defend a veteran who shot his daughter's rapist. The only thing better would have been if Barba could stay to be a permanent thorn in Carisi's side. A lot of great stuff here, but first... Was I the only one w... more

SVU Season 22 Episode 3 Review

Lots of shows have addressed COVID-19, but few have focused on the way the pandemic has affected people's mental health. Law & Order: SVU Season 22 Episode 3 came close to doing that with its quarantine-inspired story. This didn't really feel like an SVU case with a few exceptions, but it got the point across effectively. Maria's death was a tragedy brought on by a ton of impulsive college-kid behavior made worse by the quarantine. Bedhopping an... more



Law & Order: SVU: Svu Ep: 'It's Pretty Clear' That Stabler Will Be in Season 22 Premiere News | TVBuzer

Svu Ep: 'It's Pretty Clear' That Stabler Will Be in Season 22 Premiere

Law & Order aficionados may not have to wait until the SVU spinoff to see Elliot Stabler in action again. In a new episode of the show’s behind-the-scenes podcast, SVU showrunner Warren Leight says, “It’s pretty clear that Elliot will be in the SVU season opener. I think that much I know.” At the end of March, news broke that NBC had ordered a Stabler-led spinoff of the ... more

Law & Order: SVU: John Waters Dishes on His Upcoming 'Law and Order: Svu' Episode News | TVBuzer

John Waters Dishes on His Upcoming 'Law and Order: Svu' Episode

Ever the provocateur, no one upends expectations quite like John Waters. The Prince of Filth, the Doyenne of Depravity, the Master of the Macabre, Waters will be lending his acting talents to the folks over at TV’s longest-running primetime drama, “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit.” Over the years, the NBC franchise has developed as many a rabid devotee as Waters himself, so this special guest spot seems like a match made in ... more

Law & Order: SVU: New Study Reveals How Crime TV Series Distort Understanding of Race and Criminal Justice System News | TVBuzer

New Study Reveals How Crime TV Series Distort Understanding of Race and Criminal Justice System

Today, Color Of Change released a first of its kind report titled “Normalizing Injustice: The Dangerous Misrepresentations that Define Television’s Scripted Crime Genre.” The report is a study of how scripted series that fall under the crime television genre depict the criminal justice system and play a significant role in helping to advance what the study identifies are distorted representations of crime, justice, race, and gender in media and culture. Given that these shows collectively reach tens of millions of Americans annually,... more


Law & Order: SVU FAN COMMENTS (2)

  • Level 45
    This show has lasted about twelve years longer than it should have. There's little to no chemistry with the characters any longer. There's very little continuity with the characters, and what is there is tired and predictable.


  • Level 36
    This show has gotten somewhat worse with Stabler's departure. Amaro just doesn't seem to fit in the series at all. Rollins however does seem to fit in, but I really feel that Amaro is really bringing the show down. I hope that he serves one season more then gets replaced by someone that can fill the massive gap Stabler left in his wake.