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Last Week Tonight with John Oliver is an American late-night talk and news satire television program. L.W.T draws its comedy and satire from recent news stories, political figures, media organizations, pop culture and often aspects of the show itself.
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Last Week Tonight With John Oliver Episode Guide | TVBuzer

Last Week Tonight With John Oliver Episode Guide


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AIRED ON June 28,2020

Season 7: Episode 17

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AIRS ON July 19,2020

Season 7: Episode 18


  • Season 7
    • Episode 199
      Episode 20
    • Episode 198
      Episode 19
    • NEXT EPISODE AIRS 07/19/20 AT 11:00 PM ON HBO

      Last Week Tonight With John Oliver Season 7 Episode 18: Episode 197 | TVBuzer
      Episode 197
      Episode 18

      Last Week Tonight With John Oliver Season 7 Episode 17: Episode 196 | TVBuzer
      Episode 196
      Episode 17
      Main story: evictions are on the rise due to coronavirus; plus, COVID-19 cases are surging in red states like Texas and Florida; Papa John S...
    • Episode 195
      Episode 16
      Main story: Why COVID-19 has spread so rapidly behind bars and what we can do to stop it; plus, K-pop fans punk racist hashtags; Trump's Tul...
    • Episode 194
      Episode 15
      Main story: The dangers of facial recognition technology; plus, Black Lives Matter protests, NASCAR bans the confederate flag, Tucker Carlso...
    • Episode 193
      Episode 14
      Main story: As nationwide protests over the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor are met with police brutality, John discusses how the ...
    • Episode 192
      Episode 13
      Main story: Why voting by mail is necessary in the United States; plus, the George Floyd protests, and some helpful trademark ideas for Dana...
    • Episode 191
      Episode 12
      Main story: The disappearance of sports due to COVID-19; plus, Dr. Bright blows the whistle; 2020 Congressional insider trading scandal; Mar...
    • Episode 190
      Episode 11
      Main story: the USPS faces financial catastrophe and what we can do to help; plus, William Barr vs the law; Trump's "live and let die" momen...
    • Episode 189
      Episode 10
      Main story: How much coronavirus testing the US has done and why we need to do more; plus, Jared Kushner declares victory over the virus; Al...
    • Episode 188
      Episode 9
      Main story: Various sources of misinformation about COVID-19, from televangelists and the right-wing media, to Trump himself; plus, Wendy Wi...
    • Episode 187
      Episode 8
      Main story: Essential workers and unemployment in the United States during the Coronavirus recession; plus, "Art 1992" and the works of Bria...
    • Episode 186
      Episode 7
      Main story: One America News Network, a far-right news network being embraced by President Trump; plus, some GOP governors refuse to issue s...
    • Episode 185
      Episode 6
      Main story: President Trump's inconsistent response to the coronavirus pandemic; plus, John shows what he's been watching at home and makes ...
    • Episode 184
      Episode 5
      Main story: 2019-20 coronavirus outbreak, governmental response in the US, and the prevention of COVID-19. This episode was filmed at an ...
    • Episode 183
      Episode 4
      Main story: A look at how much power-and how little accountability-local sheriffs have; plus, Trump's coronavirus incompetence; India's self...
    • Episode 182
      Episode 3
      Main story: What's being done to fight coronavirus as it spreads to the U.S.; plus, John offers the Phillie Phanatic a new job....
    • Episode 181
      Episode 2
      Main story: India's controversial Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, and his government's Hindu nationalism; plus, a look at Mike Bloomberg's pr...
    • Episode 180
      Episode 1
      Main story: The pros and cons of Medicare for All; plus, Bill Barr does Trump's personal bidding; and Flyers mascot Gritty is exonerated!...
  • Season 6
    • Episode 179
      Episode 30
      Main story: Why the census matters; plus, the return of Chiijohn; Republicans struggle to defend Trump in impeachment hearings. Guests: Hug...
    • Episode 178
      Episode 29
      Main story: How SLAPP suits are designed to stifle public dissent (including an update on Bob Murray's lawsuit); plus, Trump "caught" the sw...
    • Episode 177
      Episode 28
      Main story: How voting machines work, how they don't, and how we can fix them; plus, Trump and his allies attack witnesses in the impeachmen...
    • Episode 176
      Episode 27
      Main story: The alarming decision to pull U.S. troops from the Turkey-Syria border; plus, the killing of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (the ISIS lead...
    • Episode 175
      Episode 26
      Main story: Tension between the public and private worlds of predicting the weather; plus, two of Giuliani's cronies are arrested, and the N...
    • Episode 174
      Episode 25
      Main story: The consequences of China's one-child policy; plus, the latest on Trump's impeachment inquiry and his plea for foreign meddling....
    • Episode 173
      Episode 24
      Main story: Why compounding pharmacies that create medication for individual patients can cause big problems; plus, "Stupid Watergate II: Th...
    • Episode 172
      Episode 23
      Main story: Legal immigration; plus, corruption in Russian elections, And Now: Maria Bartiromo and Investigative Discovery's Joe Kenda....
    • Episode 171
      Episode 22
      Main story: Legislation and the filibuster; plus, Trump's weather map flub; Boris Johnson and British Brexit chaos; And Now: Fox Business's ...
    • Episode 170
      Episode 21
      Main story: The roles that gender and racial bias can play in medical treatment; plus, Trump wants to buy Greenland; Hong Kong protests cont...
    • Episode 169
      Episode 20
      Main story: President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow and Guinness World Records; plus, Trump's inauspicious visits to Dayton and ...
    • Episode 168
      Episode 19
      Main story: Penal labor in the United States and Securus Technologies; plus, Boris Johnson, John Ratcliffe, Sam Clovis. Note: This episode ...
    • Episode 167
      Episode 18
      Main story: How Britain's new prime minister, Boris Johnson, has succeeded; plus, Puerto Rico's governor resigns following mass protests....
    • Episode 166
      Episode 17
      Main story: E-commerce, warehouse working conditions and business logistics; plus, Trump's foreign misadventures; Jared Kushner's Mideast pe...
    • Episode 165
      Episode 16
      Main story: Climbing Mount Everest has become dangerously popular; plus, Trump almost goes to war with Iran; and "Can Meghan McCain Say Just...
    • Episode 164
      Episode 15
      Main story: The pros and cons of impeaching Trump; plus, Steve Bullock, Duncan D. Hunter campaign finance scandal....
    • Episode 163
      Episode 14
      Main story: Equal Rights Amendment and Phyllis Schlafly; plus Donald Trump's trip to the United Kingdom, Theresa May's resignation as Conser...
    • Episode 162
      Episode 13
      Main story: The medical design industry has a troubling lack of regulation; plus, Jared Kushner's Israel visit, Golan Heights, Glen Casada/C...
    • Episode 159
      Episode 10
      Main story: lethal injection and the death penalty; plus, the various options in the Australian elections....
    • Episode 158
      Episode 9
      Main story: The Mueller Report; plus, Chiitan, the rogue Japanese mascot. Guests: Hugh Bonneville, Ryan Barger...
    • Episode 157
      Episode 8
      Main story: an update on opioid abuse and Richard Sackler; plus, Brexit gets a Halloween extension; Julian Assange gets arrested....
    • Episode 161
      Episode 12
      Main story: America's system for conducting death investigations is a mess; plus, a look at the Eurovision 2019 Song Contest, Hatari, Trump'...
    • Episode 160
      Episode 11
      Main story: Green New Deal and carbon pricing; plus, GOP states are passing extreme anti-abortion bills in an attempt to overturn Roe v. Wad...
    • Episode 156
      Episode 7
      Main story: Mobile homes and Frank Rolfe; plus, Stephen Moore, Herman Cain, and the Catherine Pugh/Heather Holly scandal....
    • Episode 155
      Episode 6
      Main story: World Wrestling Entertainment and its often-villainous owner, Vince McMahon; plus, fallout from the Mueller Report....
    • Episode 154
      Episode 5
      Main story: A talk about the power of public shaming, good and bad, includes an interview with Monica Lewinsky; plus, Christchurch mosque sh...
    • Episode 153
      Episode 4
      Main story: Pressuring the FCC to end the scourge of Robocalls; plus, the Brazilian president's bizarre tweet; Trump signs bibles and welcom...
    • Episode 152
      Episode 3
      Main story: Automation and technological unemployment; plus, 2019 North Korea-United States Hanoi Summit, Michael Cohen testimony, Jared Kus...
    • Episode 151
      Episode 2
      Main story: TV psychics can make a lot of money by exploiting vulnerable people; plus, William Happer, 2018 North Carolina election fraud he...
    • Episode 150
      Episode 1
      Main story: the effects of Brexit; plus, Drumpf's border wall "national emergency"; and New Zealand's ongoing map crisis....
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